Glossary Write-Up















After doing all of these glossary words it really helped me out. Doing these words help me broaden my vocabulary. If I didn’t do some of the readings I would probably still not know what half the words I read mean. Looking up word can help you out in the long run because when you do search up the words you can get a better understanding of it and you can use the word in the future on a essay you are writing or a conversation you are having. Having all the other classmates post other words I may have missed or words that I thought I knew but turns out I was completely wrong about the words definition.



the online world of computer networks and the Internet


I encounter this word in the reading “That love thing”. The word is found in the sentence ” If guys can satisfy their cravings with virtual vixens in cyberspace then they could conceivably have a more relaxed attitude about just hanging out with girls in a perfectly innocent way playing football with them or taking up scubadiving.” By knowing the this word means the online world of computer networks and the Internet. I better undertand what the situaion.



not having the things that are needed for a good or healthy life


I encounter this word in the aritle “Love at first bite”. The word is found in the sentence “Meiwes told the court that he had felt deprived and neglected as a child after his father walked out on the family.”By looking it up in the dictionary, I know it means not having the things that are needed for a good or healthy life.



existing, occurring, or living at the same time; belonging to the sametime


I encounter this word in the reading called “What is reality?”. The word is found in the sentence “The scientific worldview which so dominates our contemporary consciousness is not as innocent as it may at first seem.” After I look it up in the dictionary, I know it means existing. That helps me better un derstand this article.



controlling the people of a country in a very strict way with complete power that cannot be opposed


I encounter this word in the article “The real Big Brother”. It is found in the sentence “The telescreen was one way the Party could detect what the book calls Thought Crimes. In totalitarian regimes the thought of dissent is itself an act of treason”. By knowing it means controlling the people of a country in a very strict way with complete power that cannot be opposed, I understand the idea that the author wants to express.



to throw into disorder or disarray

I encounter this word in the article “What we’ve lost”. The word is found in the sentence “A few moments later, my younger brother (we’ll call him E) joined me – dishevelled, disgruntled and half asleep.” By konwing the word means to throw into disorer, I better understan the situation that the author is describing.




the highest social class in some countries : the people who have special titles (such as dukeand duchess ), who typically own land, and who traditionally have more money and power than the other people in a society


I encounter this word in the reading “Anatomy of Fascism”. I found the word in the sentence ” There was a huge disparity between the riches of the aristocracy and the poverty of those working on the land or in the cities”. After I look it up in the dictionary, I know it means the highest social class in some countries.

Exhibit Catalogue (final)

The artist Brian Mifsud was born on March 29, 1997 in Queens New York. He now currently lives in Manhattan and studies in Brooklyn. The artist drew inspiration from Tom Phillips “A Humument” to create his own versions of this style of composition which combines both language and art to convey anything the artist desires. Tom Phillip was an English artist who purchased a cheap book to use as the basis of an art project known as A Humument. Behind his artwork,  he paints, collages or draws over the pages, leaving some of the text peeking through in serpentine bubble shapes, creating a found text with its own story, different from the original. In this case Brian made three compositions with a theme that juxtaposes with the theme of the original Book. In this exhibit Brian chose the book Hunger Games Catching Fire which has more of a darker and serious theme to it so Brian juxtaposes this theme by making it a bit lighter and more into a comedy. To help convey this Brian also change the title of this composition to Off the Hinge.

Brian created the compositions using a variation of sizes of Micron pens mainly using 0.25, 0.35 and 0.45 mm. Also he used a Faber-Castell Brush pen. For his first design, your idea he creates a composition the perfectly conveys the title of the composition that being your idea using the universal symbol of an idea being a cloud which can be seen in different forms of media, from comic books to cartoons you can see the thought bubble used to convey an idea. The artist also uses different techniques like repetition of the clouds and variation of the cloud sizes to help create emphasis on the main large cloud surrounding the phrase your idea. This composition helps to also convey the theme Brian is trying to get across because the imagery of clouds gives the feeling of dreaming and happiness to help create that lighter theme.

For his second design, Unity, he first had to envision what color combined would make a nice color that is not too harsh so he came up with two colors blue and red which when mixed created a nice purple. So with that Brian colored in one half of the page with red and the other half of the page with blue so when they met in the middle they created a nice shade of purple to show the unity between the colors. The purple line in the middle also has this rhythmic vibe too it that also gives it a nice sense of design.

For his third design Brian wanted to have another design that was in black and white but also did not use the words on the page for his design either. In this design Brian tries again to convey a lighter tone compared to the darker tone of the book. In this composition we see a nice soothing line that goes in a type of wave formation that with dark lines that fill up around the line but not touching the main line with a gap between it. This to the artist gives the composition a lighter tone.

With his composition Off the Hinge, Brian wanted to convey certain ideas that can change the darker tones of the book too the lighter tones of Brian’s new creation. The work of alternated texts along with visual images creates a new story from a preexisting one. It creates more room for stories that have yet to be told as the original source is left as inspirations behind those stories.


: a person who owns a building with apartments that are in bad condition and rents them to poor people.
Source – merriam-webster
I came this word in the reading excerpt, “The Boston Photographs” . When I saw at the sentence ” …the Boston pictures sowed the dangers of fire escapes and raised questions about slumlords.” I guess this word may mean places or person, after I looked at the dictionary. Definitely my guess is right, now I have an idea of this word means.



: existing in the part of the mind that a person is not aware of : existing in the mind but not consciously known or felt

: the part of a person’s mind that has ideas, feelings, etc., that the person is not aware of.
Source – merriam-webster
I encountered this word from the article “The Boston Photographs”, the sentence “….in an almost subconscious way, ….” In that article, I believe this word is being used to describe something, maybe the action or feeling. Now I really know the word means before I looked at the article.