value added : Phase 4

This project, as all projects, is one that I really enjoyed. But what I can say is that it was difficult, but i love a challenge. For my cut collages, I was having a very difficuly time because most of my photo contains my shirt which was plaid. The plaid in grayscale became broad range in itself so when I would try to recreate my narrow range, it was challenging because I was so linited to the areas I can cut. I wanted to use the whole image and tried my best to incorporate a variety of areas from the image. When it came to recrating my broad key in guache i was struggling. I had worked with guache previously but never painted something so deatailed and in grayscale. I wasnt able to catch every detail such as the lines of the plaid so I economized my drawing and stylized it. What I’ve learned through this whole process and project is that there is more that meets the eye. Every image has continous tone meaning every area has different value and saturation from the other. Also, I learned how to use guache and familiarize myself with the medium. Mixing black and white to crate different values is also an addition to my learnings. This project sure wasn’t the easiest but it is one that I gained alot from. My mistakes made me learn that for our next projects incorporating guache, to be patient and really focus on the colors i am mixing.

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