Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4

This project was actually fun, interesting, and different. It was simple and easy. I thought the painting part was going to be fun for me until I tried it. I discovered I’m not a good painter, the composition did not come out as I have hoped. What this project thought me was how to create something new out of what I already have by cutting them up and rearrange them to form a new and interesting composition. I learned about Broad Range, Narrow range, Focal point, and many more. My favorite part of this project was creating the 3D image. That was very cool to learn. I also learned some new things on photoshop due to this project.

2 thoughts on “Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4”

  1. Although this project wasn’t easy for me I do agree that it was pretty fun to tackle. With painting or anything that you do it takes time to get better at. I thought I sucked at painting as well but it’s something that you can improve on. The next project should go smoother since we got introduced to more painting skills with project 3. Keep up the good work

  2. I agree with you guys! Painting is fun, but when you go in to details, its so hard to be precise. We all can improve on painting as we get to new project with colors, which we learn color contrasts. I am really excited that we are using color since, I like color more than broad values. Good work!

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