Sound Visualiazations: Phase 1

The song I chose is “Eternal Pose” which is the 15th ending of my favorite anime One Piece. In the beginning there’s a major legato feeling then there’s a staccato beat that is added in. With this song you get the feeling of these contrasting sounds in unison. In the staccato sketches, I felt the use of straight lines would represent a constant beat. The zig-zag lines represent transition into the more staccato feeling . The stars represent the snare drum sound I hear. The difference in line weight would show the on and off beat feeling. In the legato sketches, I felt the use of more curvy lines would represent the flow of notes that are held for a period of time from the violin. The repetition of circles would show represent the transition from one note to another from the guitar. The short curved lines would represent the cymbal crashes.

Each sketch took 30 mins(in total 6 hours)







Sound Visualizations: Phase 1.

The song I chose is Locked Away by  R. City  ft. Adam Levine.

The song starts off smooth, then it went to a sharp beat, then a steady repeating beat. Then sharp again and back to smooth. I saw a curve line in the beginning and then it starts going zigzag and then it went back to a nice curved line. I also can see a strait line and then a spike in the middle when I hear the piano beat. I see small spikes and large spikes, depending in the beat. This song has rough, sharp and smooth flowing beats.

(Time spent on this phase – 20 Minutes)

Sound Visualizations: Phase 1

For my design for project #2, I found many repetition and patterns of squares and triangles. I was doing it intentionally, because I couldn’t think of anything else that represents staccato. Staccato is something that has the beat of fast and sharply detached or separated from others. Because of the sharply detached sounds from the song, it became more geometric than the legato deign. On other hand, legato is a smooth, calming note that has no breaks in between. Because of the long lasting flow to the music, it made the design more organic shaped. Another thing that I want to add is that some of the songs are not as easy to identify the beat of the music. Some of us had struggle when identifying the beat, which some changes during the course of music.

Music that I listened to: Here

I listened to this music while designing, because I liked the beat where it shows many examples for staccato. There is some parts of the song that are legato where it inspired me.

*Note, I might change 1 or 2 design due to my feelings for it. (Will update when I finish the new one)

Took me about hour each for legato and staccato