Didactic Panel (Emma Is Still Alive)

Upon opening the pages of this piece, an individual will observe many different techniques and ideas throughout, all pertaining to one theme. One can observe a contrast in one page, or overlaps in another, all while telling the same (though gruesome) story. Most pages consist of either ink or pencil compositions, as was the preference of the artist, although it also features paint and cut compositions as well. The original story of Emma was of a young girl who is gifted in matchmaking, though she struggles to find the one she herself can fall in love with. The story takes place in a high class Victorian England, and Emma lives a life of comfort and wealth throughout. Using the idea of contrast, the author manipulated the story into one of horror and death. The compositions, varied in technique, all pertain to a story where Emma, now a viscious and ruthless killer, goes on a bloodthirsty spree.

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