Project #3 (Pitch/Draft)

Beauty, the quality of being physically attractive is something that the user who downloads this app will encounter. My co-workers and I, Ayano Morishima are making an route simulator known as “Route & Beauty” (Or Road to Beauty) that takes the user to a journey that can lead them to a beautiful location. Many people uses other apps to locate their shortest and fastest route, so that they could get to their location much faster. What if there is a app that can take you to the location, where the route is short, fast, and beautiful?

Many apps from the apple store contains route simulator that pinpoints to the users location and calculate time to show them different option in best or shortest route to get there quickly. However, is it time that the users want to save up to get to their destination? Sure, people want to get there quickly and do whatever they needed to do. But what if there is an app that can change the users surrounding views? Think about it, looking at the same route over and over is boring. The user might already know whats built there, even if they are blind! Our app focuses on people’s daily route and time, however what is different is users can use this app to encounter a new places just by taking a different route. Simple right? By changing just a little routine of users route to the final destination, and even if it takes just an extra few minutes, sure the surroundings of the users view will changes; maybe dull to beauty.

One of the ongoing project route starts from the Voorhees building. This building is a center for engineering technology for students who does to NYC College of Technology. Once you left the building to make a right, you will see a big road. If you turn right again, you would encounter an entrance of Brooklyn Bridge. Brooklyn Bridges connects the two boroughs, Manhattan and Brooklyn crossing over the East River. As you go further straight, you will see a huge park called, Cadman Plaza Park. A huge park where you can play any sports. Walk to right and left again, where you will encounter location called, Brooklyn Heights Promenade. As you go in though this location, and keep walking straight, you will see a Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2. Place where it features in basketball, handball, etc. Finally you go back to turn around from where you are looking at the pier. Go straight and you will see the same park again, go further more where you turned right to encounter the Brooklyn Bridge. Without turning right to the bridge, than go straight. You will see NYC College of Technology, as you keep going you will see a whole different scenery than before. More busy and modern structure to each buildings. Finally, you can take a subway, A,C, and R train.

These exampled location is a place where the users will encounter in the app. Such as the caption below will pop up to explain a little information that the user could do, when they arrive at certain locations. Many volunteers contributed to this route making, so that it shows the best time to go to the location, where it also shows the “best time” to go to the location at the top right corner. An example for the location above is, “the best time to go to the location” is between 2:30pm to 5:30pm. One of the volunteer commented, “It is a great place to go, especially since it is quite. You can see how houses are made of different structure comparing it to different locations. Going with friends or family would be a great way to explore a new route!” Thanks to our volunteers, this app does contain other features, such as little game that satisfies the users time traveling, voice active system where you use it like Siri, time countdown where it countdowns time to get to the location, and

Seeing different surroundings would motivate users to look though into new location, where they haven’t discovered yet. By using this app Road to Beauty, not only they gives the best option in shortest route, but to think about the user’s preference in showing beauty for getting to their location. Many people looks for quick way to get to the destination that they are seeking. However what if there is a route that is short and beautiful enough to make you use this app again? Why won’t you not give it a try?

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 3

My broad value range and narrow value range collages both took 3 hours each to complete. My painted collage took 8 hours to complete. The digital collage took 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete. The 3D Anaglyph took about 20 minutes to complete.


Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4

This project was actually fun, interesting, and different. It was simple and easy. I thought the painting part was going to be fun for me until I tried it. I discovered I’m not a good painter, the composition did not come out as I have hoped. What this project thought me was how to create something new out of what I already have by cutting them up and rearrange them to form a new and interesting composition. I learned about Broad Range, Narrow range, Focal point, and many more. My favorite part of this project was creating the 3D image. That was very cool to learn. I also learned some new things on photoshop due to this project.

Project 2: Quotation (3rd phase)

The subjects chosen to contrast are the large scale public works and public art. What’s striking about this topic is how the visual consensus of people changing throughout time led to different outcomes that can often work harmoniously in overlaps. Specifically my project juxtaposes two murals which are drawn on the underpass of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. The BQE is an art form in itself and so are the murals but both are made through different mediums and apply to different fields in the art industry. The story I get when visually seeing and researching about New York City is one about growth and history. I had conducted a research on Public works and public art – . New York city was living in an enormous crisis. Living in debt and a poor economy caused the government to create a new plan. This plan was the idea of large scale public works. Large scale public works would not only provide plenty jobs to people who were unemployed but will also upgrade the city. The quotes i chose both come from Colson Whitehead’s City Limits. The first quote is “The city also puts a lot of effort into making your hometown look really drab and tiny” and the second is “The city has seen it all. Remembers too”. The first quote relates to how New York is consistently upgrading to become one of the best. A Lot of effort is put into attracting tourists or even local people. The second quote relates to overlaps throughout time and how the world remembers them through marks left behind. Graffiti is an example of a mark that signifies an overlap the world would always remember.