Sound Visualization: phase 2

The inked mashup of both legatto and stacatto took me about 2 1/2 hours. I first had to create my layout and measure boxes for accuracy. Then with a very light pencil I drew each composition one by one. After wards I used my pigment liner and brush in order to fill in my designs with black. After all that was done I made sure to let my artwork dry over night before erasing the lines which made up the layout so therefore each staccato and legatto would create a border for themselves since they juxtapose. I would post a photo on to this post but i am unable to so I will have a clickable link to my artwork once i upload it to my e-portfolio

ENG 1101 Project #3 peer review and annotated bibliography

Peer review:

Choose a Project #3 draft from our site. Read the first paragraph. In a comment, let the author know:

  1. Is it clear what the theme of the route is?
  2. What is the thesis statement?

If you can’t tell from the first paragraph, keep reading. Let the author know where in the draft you understand 1 and 2.

Annotated bibliography:

Add to our shared Annotated Bibliography. Follow the instructions posted there.