Project #3

Looking for a place to go during your free time ?or maybe places to explore the beauty of the city? Well I’ve got a recommendation of locations to pass by or explore. These locations are all around city college of technology  and I believe these places will catch your interest. It’ll  not only give you something to do on you free time from the busy life style but will also help you see another perspective of the beautiful scenery the city provides us with.

Beauty; it can make a place more interesting and appealing to a person. that is why I chose my five locations. These locations have beauty, they grab the viewers attention. It all depends on how you approach beauty of course. Depending on the date and time  it can make a difference, I prefer that its best to visit these locations at the end of October or  beginning of November, and the time would be best at 2:30pm-5:30pm. This is a preferred date and time because the tree leaves set the best mood and make the streets look beautiful. Not only do the trees make the streets beautiful but also the structure of the buildings.  These locations are a good way to enjoy the time by yourself, with friends, or family.

In order to experience these locations follow these directions. Set the starting point at New York City College of technology and make your way to  Tillary St, Brooklyn, NY, this would be the first location. At this  location, while looking around you might notice a few buildings, these buildings will catch your attention because of their structure. Sometimes the structure of a building can have meaning to it. For example the location of a building or the time period can be guessed by a buildings structure or how long it’s been there. Any way after this location, head west on Tillary St toward Adams St and Turn right onto Cadman Plaza, making your way into Cadman Plaza W, this is the second location. At this location you will start to see a lot beautiful trees and at this time of year it’s the most beautiful and eye catching. Next head north on Cadman Plaza W toward Clark and turn left onto 21 Clark St, this location is the third location. At this location you should see a hotel building. The structure of this building would make you want to take photos of it. Start by looking from the bottom of the building and making your way up you would see really beautiful designes on it. Just by looking at this building you can get an idea that this building is old becasue of the artwork on it. Next head east on Clark St toward Hicks St, turn left onto Hicks St and then turn left onto Orange St. At this location if you look down the street you would see a lot of trees. At the preferred date october or november this location is filled with Autumn colors because of the leaves. After that head west on Orange St toward Willow St and turn right onto Columbia Heights, this is the last location. This final location is called the fruit street sitting area, it has a great view of the city skyline and the bridge. At anytime time it looks beautiful, However the best time would be at night when the lights are flashing so bright along with the night sky

This concludes the journey, hopefully it’ll be a worthwhile for you and anyone with you.

Saturation studies phase 2: Chromatic Grays


each of the paintings took me about a half an hour to do but trying to get the right colors took longer because i couldn’t really find the right way to do it so i went with these colors. trying to make the colors took me about an hour to and hour and a half of trial and error.

project #3 revised pitch

When people go for a walk there are different things people would like to see or do on that walk. Everyone has there own preferences of what type of what they like to go on. For example, some people may like a nice quiet and peaceful walk, another person may like an exciting more beautiful walk with lots of sites to see and take in. Also the walk people take can relate to things they like and relate to their personality. Like for me I love to have fun, relax and enjoy the sights, and I also love food so I like to go places with different verities of food restaurants to dine at, either places I’ve never tried before or places I love like chipotle, and I also always want to be sure I have a way to get home from where I am at.


On the walk I chose to do has all the aspect I like and look for when I go for a walk. It has a place for transportation that is why it the walk starts by the A train on Jay St, the walk continues on to the metro tech area where there is a chipotle my favorite fast food restaurant and next to it is Five Guys: burgers and fries which is one of my favorite places to get a burger and free peanuts. There is a spot in the metro tech area that you can sit and relax and enjoy a book, eat your food, and just sit there and take in some fresh air. The end of this walk ends at the McLaughlin Park which has very nice basketball courts and I love to play basketball it is my favorite sport. When I think about taking this walk I get excited because all of the things I could do on this walk there is a little bit of everything beauty, fun, and relaxation.


This walk isn’t jus one type of walk it’s a walk that has all different types of things to do. It has beauty, relaxation, and health benefits because it is a walk. It also satisfies your senses like your sense of smell and sense of site. I’m not saying you have to go into chipotle or five guys and buy anything and spend money but jus taking in those smells is just amazing because it just smells so good. Then after getting those smells and you had enough of that you can go sit in the small area and just relax for a little while and then when you’re looking for some excitement you walk to the park and go and have some fun.



Having a nice walk can have a lot of benefits to it. For example one of the benefits is having better health. Going for a walk is a great way too get daily exercise its nothing crazy but it will keep you active and there are many places to walk in this big city of New York. According to “Walking is a wonderful form of exercise and a great activity for maintaining both physical and mental health.” Having this daily exercise of walking can keep a person fit and healthy for the rest of there life and also can open people up to new things like locations, people, and different things to do to make he walk have an even better outcome.


A walk can also be relaxing depending on the things you do on the walk or the places you go. On the walk that the app takes you on there’s a spot with a beautiful view of trees and in the fall it looks even more nice with all of the leaves falling and the thanksgiving and Christmas decorations going up for the holidays put a better sense of beauty too it. It’s a beautiful spot to get some fresh air and being relaxed can also improve a person’s health. According too Sarah Klein in the Huffington post “…while it feels good to conquer the day, in the end, it just simply feels better — and is more beneficial to your health — to relax.” When a day is stressful like a full day of work or a long day at school it helps just to close everything out and just relax.


Beauty is a great thing, either you are the beauty or your looking at something beautiful, and anything and anyone can be beautiful just depends on the way you look at something or someone. Looking at something beautiful can change a person’s mood you can go from sad to happy. According to the Huffington post “Beauty is not just a nice add-on — it has a function and purpose, and it plays a real role in the quality of your life and mental state…we are naturally drawn to spaces that please our senses.” And by senses that can also include beautiful smells as well anything that you find that smells pleasantly.


Saturation Studies: Phase 1


My concept for my color wheel was a sun, because since the sun gives light, color, and not to mention UV rays, I thought it would be a good idea to give it a good concept on about light and color. Drawing the sun in the center was a struggle due to the fact that it was difficult to tell if was placed in the center correctly and getting the size of each triangle evenly correct. The colors were a little bit of struggle, what was hard was getting each color to be exact or somewhat exact at least, but they turned out pretty well. It took me about 2 hours and a half all together.