project #3 revised pitch

When people go for a walk there are different things people would like to see or do on that walk. Everyone has there own preferences of what type of what they like to go on. For example, some people may like a nice quiet and peaceful walk, another person may like an exciting more beautiful walk with lots of sites to see and take in. Also the walk people take can relate to things they like and relate to their personality. Like for me I love to have fun, relax and enjoy the sights, and I also love food so I like to go places with different verities of food restaurants to dine at, either places I’ve never tried before or places I love like chipotle, and I also always want to be sure I have a way to get home from where I am at.


On the walk I chose to do has all the aspect I like and look for when I go for a walk. It has a place for transportation that is why it the walk starts by the A train on Jay St, the walk continues on to the metro tech area where there is a chipotle my favorite fast food restaurant and next to it is Five Guys: burgers and fries which is one of my favorite places to get a burger and free peanuts. There is a spot in the metro tech area that you can sit and relax and enjoy a book, eat your food, and just sit there and take in some fresh air. The end of this walk ends at the McLaughlin Park which has very nice basketball courts and I love to play basketball it is my favorite sport. When I think about taking this walk I get excited because all of the things I could do on this walk there is a little bit of everything beauty, fun, and relaxation.


This walk isn’t jus one type of walk it’s a walk that has all different types of things to do. It has beauty, relaxation, and health benefits because it is a walk. It also satisfies your senses like your sense of smell and sense of site. I’m not saying you have to go into chipotle or five guys and buy anything and spend money but jus taking in those smells is just amazing because it just smells so good. Then after getting those smells and you had enough of that you can go sit in the small area and just relax for a little while and then when you’re looking for some excitement you walk to the park and go and have some fun.



Having a nice walk can have a lot of benefits to it. For example one of the benefits is having better health. Going for a walk is a great way too get daily exercise its nothing crazy but it will keep you active and there are many places to walk in this big city of New York. According to “Walking is a wonderful form of exercise and a great activity for maintaining both physical and mental health.” Having this daily exercise of walking can keep a person fit and healthy for the rest of there life and also can open people up to new things like locations, people, and different things to do to make he walk have an even better outcome.


A walk can also be relaxing depending on the things you do on the walk or the places you go. On the walk that the app takes you on there’s a spot with a beautiful view of trees and in the fall it looks even more nice with all of the leaves falling and the thanksgiving and Christmas decorations going up for the holidays put a better sense of beauty too it. It’s a beautiful spot to get some fresh air and being relaxed can also improve a person’s health. According too Sarah Klein in the Huffington post “…while it feels good to conquer the day, in the end, it just simply feels better — and is more beneficial to your health — to relax.” When a day is stressful like a full day of work or a long day at school it helps just to close everything out and just relax.


Beauty is a great thing, either you are the beauty or your looking at something beautiful, and anything and anyone can be beautiful just depends on the way you look at something or someone. Looking at something beautiful can change a person’s mood you can go from sad to happy. According to the Huffington post “Beauty is not just a nice add-on — it has a function and purpose, and it plays a real role in the quality of your life and mental state…we are naturally drawn to spaces that please our senses.” And by senses that can also include beautiful smells as well anything that you find that smells pleasantly.


Revision for Project #1

My name is Brandy I am a freshman here at Citytech. I graduated from Celia Cruz High School of Music, and while attending there I played percussion. I’m a pretty shy person at first, but eventually I open up the more familiar I get with the person. When I do open up I am a funny, bubbly, weird individual who is pretty open minded to new ideas. My passions lie in learning, creating, animation and imagination. I love learning not only new artistic techniques, but other skills and knowledge. Learning motivates me to keep on pursuing new things to try instead of staying stuck with a routine. Learning also helps me find the answers to the unraveling questions that I think of which is a satisfying feeling to me. With creating, being able to bring out imagination to real life whether it’s from mine or someone else’s vision is fascinating, because a lot of interesting ideas dwells within people’s mind. Creating keeps me busy which is a good thing because I hate not having something to do. I enjoy animation because this form of expression can be really effective when it comes to creating a great story. In animation I find there’s more life being put into the characters development, plotline and conflicts. Animation really engages me to want to know what will happen next and to make me feel what my favorite characters are feeling.


   With imagination I love wandering into my own world, taking a break from reality at times. Being able to come up with ideas that seem pretty unreal and having a feel for that fantasy is something that I can’t get bored from. Although I’m still expanding my design aesthetic, I would say I’m captivated by color. Color brings about a reaction from people and depending on the color or shade I use, I can give out the most accurate atmosphere for my piece. For example, a lighter shade of pink versus a darker shade such as hot pink. With light pink the word I would use to describe it is mollify. With hot pink, I see it more as spunky and energetic. When blending these shades together, you get something that is cohesive even though when separated you get a different feeling from both shades. My main favorite color to use is blue. To me the color blue is bold yet gentle, and by that statement I mean that it has balance in the way it shows itself which is why many people including myself enjoy its presence.


I would say that my avatar portrays my carefree,adventurous personality. I’m also a very visual person so this avatar is very appealing to me. The sky has a nice blend of yellow, pink and dark blue. The sky has an aura from a polar region mix in with a night and sunset look which gives a sense of supernatural. There’s a girl releasing petals into the wind from a pedestal that overlooks various landscapes. The landscapes are a combination of aquatic, polar and grassy elements. The sunset adds a nice highlight over the girl and the pedestal. The way the petals carry off into the wind conveys being free to explore the world which is something I always look forward to in life. The girl letting go of the petals represents me letting go of everything that weighs me down so that I can move on and enjoy life. The various sceneries depict the beauty I see in the vast world we live in. Beauty is not only pleasing in an aesthetic way but just having it exists makes us forget the ugly that also exists in this world. The different landscapes shows the adventures I wish to have in the future. This image really sets the way I like to imagine by the way the colors come together and make this image feel like a dream.


Some misinterpretations people could get from my avatar is that it is spiritual. This reason can be due to the fact it the woman seen in the picture looks like she is praying or practicing a ritual of some sort. People could interpret that she could be a farmer because of her possession of the petals, and pots that seem to resemble having wheat inside. Another interpretation someone might have when looking at my avatar is that the woman is killing the flowers by pulling them of their stems.


My profile conveys that I’m an easygoing, adventurous person that is just fascinated by what the world has to offer. Also that I have a very whimsical vision when it comes to imagination. This matters to me because imagination is what makes me optimistic for the future, which is an necessity. It is necessity because I can see myself working in a field where it requires thinking outside the box. In five to ten years I see myself gaining more skills so that I can do multiple projects. I like to be versatile so the more I learn I believe is beneficial. I see myself traveling to new places and encountering new experiences. With my profile I can show what I have to offer and what I my interests lie in.

Project #1 (Revised)

     My name is Ayano Morishima, I was born in Japan and moved to the United States. I graduated from the high school, The Global Learning Collaborative (GLC) in the year of 2015. I had no connection in any of the art department other than ceramics though my course of study. I am now nineteen years old and going to New York City Technology to learn more about the arts; to be able to move one step closer to my dream.

      My passions lie in anime, because it’s what I grew up with. When I was little, I used to watch these different types of kids animation that intrigued me into thinking, “It will be awesome if I could create something like that!”. As I grew up, the variety of anime or should I say genre of anime expanded. The expansion made me watch more teen type of anime where the graphics and the action was much more. Because of this experience, I eventually started drawing anime as I practiced off other people’s work which it made me to create my own. I also like anime because it is almost a fantasy that will never come true in life. Sure, there are shows that turned to live actions. However it’s different because of anime, they could create something beyond. Many of my friends insist on me becoming an manga artist, however I refused. There are two reasons, first I cannot draw the same character and second living as a manga artist is a hard in financial terms. First problem can be solved, if I keep working on my drawing skills, however I cannot go through life which takes a lot of time selling manga and receiving money off of it. Instead, I want work as a character designer by hand and digitally. I’m usually aesthetic about my art work, because I get frustrated when final drawing looks horrible than the one I imaged in my head. Where some body parts are bigger or smaller than to others. I am more into modern style of anime drawings, because old characters are drawn in a simple structure. Such as long face and big shiny eyes. I like to draw more complex and detailed characters which most people are more interested.

      Usually I draw most of the time with a single pencil, but I hope I learn how to use various range of pencils. So that I could expand my drawing skills. Recently I am into digital drawing on a tablet. I find digital drawing interesting because there were techniques that I was able to do digitally and not by hand.

However you can check my drawing at: Here (*Do not read the profile, it contains the wrong information.)


      The avatar that I chose was a character from the BGM that I recently found on YouTube. (If interested, the music is from this link: Here) I fell in love with it, because of the catchy lyrics and the awesome beat grabbed my heart instantly. After that started to go to its official website where I encountered with the avatar. Before knowing it, the character itself matches my personality and the features. As I looked closely, his sharp eyes and angry eyebrows shows a powerful and smart mentally. However his one hand is covered over his chest, this action makes the connection that I also have the weak side and doesn’t always acts strong. We both have a same length of hair, however the difference of the avatar is that I don’t have a white hair and my gender is a girl.

      My avatar can mislead people into thinking that I am mean or cold to people, because of the facial expression. Also, the characters that are written in the paper might mislead people that it is in Chinese characters rather than Japanese. Many people say that they are the same, however they are not. In history that these characters came from China. However, when it came across to Japan those characters changed a little to a simple character which people could understand more. In addition where the characters looks more girl like than the guy. In addition, people may say that I like to draw chibi’s meaning characters that has big head and little bodies. I picked the avatar, because it is adorable and fits my personality. However when I draw, I prefer to draw more of a regular characters.

      My profile conveys that I am a hard worker, and an amazing person who has a passion for anime. My imagination can go beyond the world, and always have a creative story that I can just make a book about it. Hoping that my creative imagination will become real in animation and my creativity would be acknowledge. This profile matters to me because this is who I am and always will be. After 10 or 20 years, I would still be interested in anime and have a creative mindset. If I changed, it will most likely be that I’ve become a boring person who only thinks about reality. Its good to have a time to be in your own world.