Project #3

Looking for a place to go during your free time ?or maybe places to explore the beauty of the city? Well I’ve got a recommendation of locations to pass by or explore. These locations are all around city college of technology  and I believe these places will catch your interest. It’ll  not only give you something to do on you free time from the busy life style but will also help you see another perspective of the beautiful scenery the city provides us with.

Beauty; it can make a place more interesting and appealing to a person. that is why I chose my five locations. These locations have beauty, they grab the viewers attention. It all depends on how you approach beauty of course. Depending on the date and time  it can make a difference, I prefer that its best to visit these locations at the end of October or  beginning of November, and the time would be best at 2:30pm-5:30pm. This is a preferred date and time because the tree leaves set the best mood and make the streets look beautiful. Not only do the trees make the streets beautiful but also the structure of the buildings.  These locations are a good way to enjoy the time by yourself, with friends, or family.

In order to experience these locations follow these directions. Set the starting point at New York City College of technology and make your way to  Tillary St, Brooklyn, NY, this would be the first location. At this  location, while looking around you might notice a few buildings, these buildings will catch your attention because of their structure. Sometimes the structure of a building can have meaning to it. For example the location of a building or the time period can be guessed by a buildings structure or how long it’s been there. Any way after this location, head west on Tillary St toward Adams St and Turn right onto Cadman Plaza, making your way into Cadman Plaza W, this is the second location. At this location you will start to see a lot beautiful trees and at this time of year it’s the most beautiful and eye catching. Next head north on Cadman Plaza W toward Clark and turn left onto 21 Clark St, this location is the third location. At this location you should see a hotel building. The structure of this building would make you want to take photos of it. Start by looking from the bottom of the building and making your way up you would see really beautiful designes on it. Just by looking at this building you can get an idea that this building is old becasue of the artwork on it. Next head east on Clark St toward Hicks St, turn left onto Hicks St and then turn left onto Orange St. At this location if you look down the street you would see a lot of trees. At the preferred date october or november this location is filled with Autumn colors because of the leaves. After that head west on Orange St toward Willow St and turn right onto Columbia Heights, this is the last location. This final location is called the fruit street sitting area, it has a great view of the city skyline and the bridge. At anytime time it looks beautiful, However the best time would be at night when the lights are flashing so bright along with the night sky

This concludes the journey, hopefully it’ll be a worthwhile for you and anyone with you.

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  1. The final version of Project #3 needed to include research and a Works Cited list. Is there another post of yours that does this? If not, please make the necessary changes to this post so I can properly evaluate your work based on the requirements of Project #3.

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