Saturation Studies: Phase 1


My concept behind this color wheel was to be a heart that was made up of little hearts. In the middle I put the colors that I used to make the rest of the colors within the wheel. Throughout the creation of this wheel I felt nothing but pure joy for the beautiful colors that I made. I would have to say though for me blue was the color I had some struggle getting but eventually I got it. This took 1 hour and 30 minutes.

English Project #3: Route

This route begins at the Borough Hall Train Station, where the 4, 5, 2, 3, and J train are located. You would exit the train station at the Joralemon Street side. Once you exit, you take a right onto Court Street, right alongside the huge courthouse situated there. There are a lot of businesses on this particular corner, consisting of stores like Starbucks, Sephora, Duane Reade, and Court St Office Supplies to name a few. You then take another right at this corner and continue on Court Street. As you continue to walk, you’ll notice a few more businesses like a pizzeria, a Bank of America and a big, beautiful TD bank glass building, but you will also begin to approach Columbus Park, right next to Cadman Plaza. The Plaza itself is a quaint, relaxing place to be, with benches to relax and the park to see, as opposed to the busier other side of the street, where all the hustle and buzz of business occurs. This park is pretty long, going along for about 5 or 6 blocks. Its very quaint, very clean, and quite beautiful. There are a few bus stops going along it as well. Walking alongside it, one gets a feeling of beauty. even though right across the street are more buildings. However, these are modern, beautiful works of architecture, so it only adds to the euphoria. Once you hit Johnson Street, you take a right, and start to walk along it. You get to walk along side Columbus Park for a few more seconds as it continues on Johnson Street. One block after, on Adams Street, you will arrive at the North West entrance to City Tech, (Namn Building) This particular walk consists of approximately 7- 10 minutes, also dependent on how much a person would want to take in on this route.

Project #3: the pitch

Beauty, nature, and entertainments give us good mood, they always beside us, near by our route that we walk passed everyday. Sometimes they might appeared on the street next to your walking route, since you never encountered and then missed out. To avoid this kind of instance keep happening in your life, start using this app today. This app will guide you to walk through a new route, and brings you to the beautiful environmental places you have never been before. The memory from the boring routes you walked everyday will be immediately gone as you used this app for once. Good mood will make your life more colorful.

The five places are waiting you to explore are Commodore Barry Park, Commodore Barry Pool, Golconda Playground, Oxport Playground, and Trinity Park. They are all located on the Nassau St and Flushing Ave, horizontally, near each other, and segment to each other by one or two streets shown on the map vertically. The starting point is from City Tech (New York City College of Technology). Turn left when you get out of City Tech. And then turn right, take a 10 minutes walk on the Tillary Street. Turn left on Duffield street. When you get on the Nassau St, Trinity Park will appears in front of you. Turn right after you explored Trinity Park, keep walking on the Nassau St. The rest of other locations are all on the same street and the same direction, shown on the map horizontally.Ā  Including midway break, this journey will taken you about a hour, unless you spend few minutes to take a look inside.

These five locations have the same logo design on the green location signs, sticked on the object next entrance. The logo design is a circle with a maple pattern in it. This logo represents NYC Parks or City of New York Parks & Recreation, means they all under the same control. The season for now isĀ autumn, when people think of autumn, the first thing comes to mind is maple, overlapped with the maple logo.The logo helps you to easier to notice where they are when you get closer to them, so you wonā€™t miss out when you try to find the location by scanning around.

Four of these locations are parks. Commodore Barry Pool is the only place not in the park genre, but it is a small part of Commodore Barry Park. Commodore Barry Pool operates in summer, and the late of spring only. Because it is outdoor, so when the weather turns cold, temperature went down, the water in the pool will be very freezing, to prohibit kids play in there, they closed the pool. Now the time of pool seems stoping, other than bird chirps, you can not hear anything sounds. Before the next summer came, Commodore Barry Pool is the best option place for people need quite, silent, and secluded for themselves. You can find wood bench in anywhere of these five locations, they are all the good places for you to take a break, so people don’t need to worry about the siting place. Commodore Barry Park is the largest park from these five park locations. It also contains a kid playground. The recreational facilities are same as what Golconda Playground and Oxport Playground have. There always are many kids play around, no matter what season. For people have children at home, welcome to bring your kids to these three playgrounds, let them have fun and made new friends there, and when summer came you could bring them to the Commodore Barry Pool.

Other than playgrounds and swimming pool, all of these five locations are good places to view foliage. Season now is autumn, leaves turn to orange, red, and yellow, its interesting to see the different type of leaves with the different patterns, and how they slowly falling down on the ground. Beautiful leaves on the ground makes up a golden trod, looks like a picture of a beautiful landscape. In spring you will view cherry blossoms, so the color you see in the park will be the mix of white and light pink.

You will gain a lot piece of beautiful memories through this short but valuable journey. For experienced beauty, nature, and entertainment, get start using this app now. Enjoy your walk.

Project #3: the pitch

People always say time is money, especially those who live in a big city. They always thinking of go to theirĀ destination as fast as possible. And usually thoseĀ routes are very noisy, with all those honking sound from cars. Sometime, there could be many beautiful and quiet scenery on the way to your destination or take anotherĀ path, that could make the route totally different than the original route. With the app I’m working on (New Life Routing) could make this happen easy and simple. Compare to all other routing app, most of them make the route fast and short enough to get to users destination, however what my app does is, to make the route a little longer, so the user can see many beautiful scenery, and feel quiet and peace, while on the way to their destination.

Taking a route to the destination directly and do what ever users have to do, or spend few more minutes on the way, walk through quiet road and see some beautiful scenery. Think about it, if that day you were in a bad mood, however, you took this extra few minutes detour, and it made your day.Ā Don’t you think that’s a lot more worth? If you go to certain place very often, don’t you think its boring? With this app, you can make your every day walk interesting.

This detour at citytech Namm Hall and our destination is Brooklyn Hieghts Promenate. When walk out of the building, turn left walk to the end of the block then turn right, walk to Cadman plaza, you can see Cadman Plaza Park. There is a big field in the center of the park surround with woods, some people play sport in the field, and some just lay down on the grass reading book. Now turn right walk toward to Johnson Street, there is another park named Columbus park, if you were lucky, you can see pigeons surround those people sit on the bench, waiting for food. Across Cadman Plaza W, walk intoĀ Pierrepont street, and keep walking to Monroe Place, you can see a church is at that corner, its appearance is very old. For some people looking at some old building make them feel really peaceful. Keep walking to Henry Street turn left and walk two blocks to Remsen street, then turn right. On this street, its really quiet, not much car drive by, even if they did, they didn’t make much sound, because of the road is very small, they drive very slow. As you keep walking to the end of the road, its a dead end. Here, you can see the whole skyline of Manhattan, and here is most quiet and peaceful place in this detour.

This was a detour was one example from our beta user’s experience. When using the app, user can choose how long do user want to walk, the app will calculate the best and closest route time that match to user’s requirement. The app often provide special option when user go to certain place in a certain time, such as the app will note user there are restaurant nearby when its time to eat lunch, desert or dinner. The app also calculate the time you will took in this detour, or time how long have you walk in this detour. The app also has history record, it will save every route users took, of course user can also delete the history. It also has suggest caption, such as the best to go this certain location can have the best experience, it will show at the lower right side of the screen. User can control the app with sound, just like siri or google.

When people trying to find routing apps, most of them are provide the fastest and shortest route for user to get to their destination. Now I have made this app New Life Routing which not only make the route acceptable short but also make users’ detour more interesting and enjoyable. Such a incredible app, why not give a try, and don’t forget share it with your friends.

Project 4: Phase 2 (Chromatic Gray Color Studies 1&2)

Each painting took me about almost three hours. It was hard for me to make the broad color than the narrowed one. I was not really sure about the colors for the narrow high key, because I saw example from my classmate. However,Ā  like how it turned out including the shapes that I picked.

Left: Broad Right: Narrow (High Key)
Left: Broad
Right: Narrow (High Key)



: hidden from view : private and not used or seen by many people

: placed apart from other people


I saw this word when I was looking for the link to use as my bibliography. Its from my third link, on line:”Ā The island was a secluded hospital where several famous patients stayed….”. This sentence tells most patients stayed inĀ secluded hospital, they need a quite surrounding.