Project #3: (Annotated Bibliography)

link1 :

It tells the 20 most peaceful countries in the world 2015 to travelers who would like to travel to the countries with peace and unique natural.

link2 :

This site tells you the most beautiful places in New York you didn’t know exist. They have descriptions with beautiful photos of nature.

link3 :

This site gives 50 overlooked but beautiful places to visit in New York City. Kind of similar to link 2, but this site is more generalized.

link4 :

This site gives the 15 best places with scenic views in Brooklyn. With the theme of beauty.

link5 :

This site gives the 15 best quiet places in Brooklyn. Contains nature, beauty, silent, and environment.

Updates and Reminders

I wanted to share some important information and the latest updates happening at City Tech.

Thank you for those who went to the Registration workshop!!! I hope that you came out of it learning something new, and ready for next semester.

Please note that there are two more dates for the registration workshop. If you did not have the chance to attend, there are still seats lefts for November 17 and 19.  The workshop is important in helping you become more familiar in using CUNYfirst and the proper way of registering for classes.

Also, please make sure that you are up-to-date with your Financial aid and that you know your status. You most definitely don’t want to a hold on your account.

There are several events happening on this week.

  • ADOBE DEMO –¬†The flyer is attached, you can still send in question to the given email.ADOBE_DEMO_postcard2_P
  • GIRL TALK – Please RSVP to the given email¬†1251x1280.jpeg.b1204b785d05498496ed7f0b046ec574
  • Liberal Arts Web Application presentation – Hosted by MANDY MEI in Student Government ( G400) on November 19th from 1 p ¬†m – 2 pm. It is important to attend this event if you have an undeclared major, or interested in transferring to LAA major.

IF YOU GUYS AVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT ME OR COME SEE ME IN SGA’S G400!!!! Please, I am here to help you and answer¬†your questions.

Project #3: (Annotated Bibliography)

Link 1

This website connects to this project because it shows us the all the parks of Brooklyn in New York city. As soon as you click the link it will take you to a page. The page also has the list of the parks of other boroughs of New York City if you’re feeling too adventurous. And if you click on the park that you’re interested in visiting it will give you a little description of the park. If you are curious to know how the park looks it has some photographs of the park on the right side of the description. And below the description you will find the facilities the park has to offer.

Link 2

If you are into walking then this is the place you should always keep your eyes on. This website has a list of all the upcoming walkathon and racing events that takes place in New York city. Most of the walkathons and racing events takes place with the ultimate goal of raising funds or awareness in order to solve social conflict we all face some way or another.

Link 3

This is a guide to the places you should go to anbd things you should do if you are into trying out new things and taking risks. This activities includes things from bicycle racing, surfing, skateboarding to digging  few decade years records of New York City.

Link 4

This article provides a list of places where you can go to find a little peace in  borough of Manhattan New York City. Places that are quiet and peaceful is very hard to find when you live in a city full of eight million people. Garden at the Church of St. Luke in the Fields, United Nations Meditation Room, Teardrop Park, Passageway under 1251 Avenue of the Americas and Conservatory Garden nade the list in this website.

Link 5

This website provides you with the list of places not only good to take a walk, also good to connect with the nature. It also shows you place that are not public and requires a little amount of money to visit. This list includes mostly parks in New York City and since I went to every single places in this list I believe that this list is very accurate. It includes places that are very peaceful and quiet. That gives you the chance to reconnect with the nature and feel more alive that you have felt.