Chromatic Gray Studies #1 & #2

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This phase took me about 4 hrs to finish. The left one is broad and the right one is narrow low key. The hardest part in this phase is painting, I spend most of the time on painting, but fortunately the brush control getting  little a bit better than the last time.

2 thoughts on “Chromatic Gray Studies #1 & #2”

  1. It took me also hat long to complete the painting. I agree with you on the handling the brushes better than the last time we painted. I wasn’t sure also, but I made them different so that it is unique. I hope I don’t get points off of that…. :/ Nice work!

  2. I don’t know how you got the colors to make the inverse work but it looks really cool. It looks like the collage on the left has a smoother finish while the one on the right looks kind of messy. For next time just add a little bit of water when you are about to paint. Try your best to cover the white spots. Other than that keep up the good work!

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