Saturation Studies: Phase 2

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Through all phases of project #4 (chromatic Studies, muted Studies, and prismatic studies), I realized to understand them well you should know two things, they are value and saturation. My understanding to saturation is pure and intensity of the color, and value means lightness and darkness of the color. After memorized these two artistic vocabularies, they helped me better to understand the color mixing since I started painting. I think the most challenging step was when I had not enough color for my compositions, so I had to mix it more, but it is really hard to mix a color to be exactly the same like the color I mixed before. Each of them took me around 3 hours to finish. Since after the project #3, I’m glad to have another chance to work on painting physically, I can feel the improvement of my painting skills, and also the knowledge of color mixing.

Saturation Studies: Phase 3

smooth melody

I created this piece of composition with my partner Ruky. We followed the theme provided, they are color (warm), composition, and style (touch, and sound). We chose orange to be our basic color, means every chromatic, muted and prismatic colors in this composition are orange with changes of value and saturation. It took us about a hour to finish this during the course time, after that, I brought it home and spend 5 minutes to make a final revising.



Of or relating to the country or country life

Source: Merriam-Webster

I encountered this word from one of my article that I used for the bibliography. I mentioned in the glossary, because I thought it would definitely help people who is reading it. I also picked up this word, so that I can also learn form it. Over all, I posted this vocabulary to help me and my peers so that our English language could expand.