Project #3: revising the pitch (Final)

People always say time is money, especially those who live in a big city. They always thinking of go to their¬†destination as fast as possible. And usually those¬†routes are very noisy, with all those honking sound from cars. However, people might want to try some different route, there could be many beautiful and quiet scenery on the way to your destination, that could make the route totally different than the original route. With the app I’m working on (New Life Routing), User could make this happen easy and simple. Compare to all other routing app, most of them make the route fast and short enough to get to users destination, however what my app does is to make the route a little longer, so the user can see many beautiful scenery, and feel nature quiet and peace, while on the way to their destination.

Taking a route to the destination directly and do what ever users have to do, or spend few more minutes on the way, walk through quiet road and see some beautiful scenery. Think about it, if that day you were in a bad mood, however, you took this extra few minutes detour, and it made your day.¬†Don’t you think that worth a lot? The air people breath everyday in most of the place of big city are not very fresh, by taking these detour people can breath fresher air. People might felt boring when go to same¬†place with same route every time, this app make your route more¬†interesting, beautiful and healthier.

This detour at citytech Namm Hall and our destination is Brooklyn Hieghts Promenate. When walk out of the building, turn left walk to the end of the block then turn right, walk to Cadman plaza, you can see Cadman Plaza Park. There is a big field in the center of the park surround with woods, some people play sport in the field, and some just lay down on the grass reading book. Now turn right walk toward to Johnson Street, there is another park named Columbus park, if you were lucky, you can see pigeons surround those people sit on the bench, waiting for food. Across Cadman Plaza W, walk into¬†Pierrepont street, and keep walking to Monroe Place, you can see a church is at that corner, its appearance is very old. For some people looking at some old building make them feel really peaceful. Keep walking to Henry Street turn left and walk two blocks to Remsen street, then turn right. On this street, its really quiet, not much car drive by, even if they did, they didn’t make much sound, because of the road is very small, they drive very slow. As you keep walking to the end of the road, its a dead end. Here, you can see the whole skyline of Manhattan, and here is most quiet and peaceful place in this detour.

This was a detour was one example from our beta user’s experience. When using the app, user can choose how long do user want to walk, either time or distance. The app will calculate the best route that match to user’s requirement. Users can pick what kind of route theme they want, the app also provide free music that matches to the them user picked. The app often provide special option when user go to certain place in a certain time, such as the app will note user there are restaurant nearby when its time to eat lunch, desert or dinner. The app also calculate the time you will took in this detour, or time how long you¬†have walked in this detour. The app will also tell user about the weather changes. The app has history record, it will save every route users have walked, of course user can also delete the history. It also has suggest caption, such as the best time to go this certain location can have the best experience, it will shows in the description before users start the detour. User can control the app with sound, just like siri or google. However its better than siri or goolge, because it can learn from the user. About what? About what kind of route the user prefer to see and the language users prefer to speak.

When people trying to find routing apps, most of them are provide the fastest and shortest route for user to get to their destination. Now I have made this app New Life Routing which not only make the route acceptable short but also make users’ detour more interesting and enjoyable. And even make their life healthier. Such a incredible app, why not give a try, and don’t forget share it with your friends.

Project #3: (Annotated Bibliography)

8 Places to Find Peace and Quiet in Central Park

This website tells us the¬†8¬†peace and quiet places in Central Park. Those 8 places are called “quiet zones”. In “quiet zones”, there are no music allowed; you need headphones for radio; and¬†dogs must always be leashed on the pathway. The website also shows the pictures of the 8 places. The pictures all look green and give us a feeling of quiet and peace. So this website having a stronge connection wth the project#3.

19 Beautifully Isolated Places Where You Can Finally Get Some Peace And Quiet

This website lists 19¬†isolated places where we can get some peace and quiet. This website doesn’t give out many informations about the places. It only tells the location of the places and shows pictures of the places. If you carefully look at each picture, you would see a common between them. Almost every picture has water(sea, lake). Comparing to¬†the previous website, the pictures in this website don’t have much green, but it still gives us a feeling of quiet and peace.

6 Most Peaceful Places in India

The artical in this website is written by Shubhra Krishan, an editor of a travel magazine. She often meet men and women from other lands who come to India in search of the exotic, the mystic, and peace. The 6 places are Nubra valley, The Backwaters of Kerala, Coorg, Khajjiar, Malana, and Andretta. All the 6 places are in different areas. Some on mountain; some in forest; some on plain; and some near the lake. All of them are realated to quiet and peace.

10 Best Places to Live for Escaping World Conflict

This website lists 10 places that you can escape from the conflicts in the world and get peace. By looking at the pictures of the 10 places, you would find out that they are all nature. You would see a lot of trees, mountains, seas, and lakes sourronding the locatioins. The website talks about the history and culture of the places and how each place is a peace place. After visiting this website, you would want to live in at least on of them.

The longest anyone can bear Earth’s quietest place is 45 minutes

The place in this website is very different from the¬†previous places. It is a very interesting place. This place is called¬†anechoic chamber. It is not natural but man made. As you can see in the picture, it is a room surrounding by somethings look like slabs. It¬†holds the Guinness World Record for the world‚Äôs quietest place.¬†In this room,¬†99.99 percent sound are absored. And we become the sound.¬†¬†we’ll hear our heart beating, sometimes we¬†can hear our lungs, hear oour stomach gurgling loudly. We may¬†start hallucinating.¬†The longest that anyone has survived in this room is just¬†45 minutes.