Project 2: Quotation (3rd phase)

The subjects chosen to contrast are the large scale public works and public art. What’s striking about this topic is how the visual consensus of people changing throughout time led to different outcomes that can often work harmoniously in overlaps. Specifically my project juxtaposes two murals which are drawn on the underpass of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. The BQE is an art form in itself and so are the murals but both are made through different mediums and apply to different fields in the art industry. The story I get when visually seeing and researching about New York City is one about growth and history. I had conducted a research on Public works and public art – . New York city was living in an enormous crisis. Living in debt and a poor economy caused the government to create a new plan. This plan was the idea of large scale public works. Large scale public works would not only provide plenty jobs to people who were unemployed but will also upgrade the city. The quotes i chose both come from Colson Whitehead’s City Limits. The first quote is “The city also puts a lot of effort into making your hometown look really drab and tiny” and the second is “The city has seen it all. Remembers too”. The first quote relates to how New York is consistently upgrading to become one of the best. A Lot of effort is put into attracting tourists or even local people. The second quote relates to overlaps throughout time and how the world remembers them through marks left behind. Graffiti is an example of a mark that signifies an overlap the world would always remember.

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