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For this project i chose as piece called “THE GREAT MOON HOAX OF 1835” Posted on October 25, 2015. I chose this piece of work because it represents what my theme of my book is, the theme of my book is observation and the title “Essence” comes from the original title of the book which was “silences” by Tillie Olsen. I also liked the colors that were used in the work that i used and i think it goes great with the aspect i was trying to convey.¬†

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  1. 1.

a part of a city, especially a slum area, occupied by a minority group or groups.


I found this word during the reading of Barney Collier‚Äôs Book. When I read this I didn’t really know what the word ghetto actually meant, but now that I read the definition I have a better understanding of what the word means. This word just means where the lower to middle class people live.



the online world of computer networks and the Internet


I encounter this word in the reading “That love thing”. The word is found in the sentence ”¬†If guys can satisfy their cravings¬†with virtual vixens in cyberspace¬†then they could conceivably have a more relaxed attitude about just hanging out¬†with girls in a perfectly innocent way playing football with them or taking up scubadiving.” By knowing the¬†this word means¬†the online world of computer networks and the Internet. I better undertand what the¬†situaion.

Exhibit Catalogue: final

Inspired by Tom Phillips’ humument, New York city artist, Marcus Ceron creates¬†Wonderfilled¬†using old material. By Re-configuring Brian Zelzack’s Wonderstruck, Ceron juxtaposes the themes of realism¬†and¬†fantasy.¬†Juxtapositions are observed through a novel that discusses realistic journeys and through poems exploring copious¬†impossibilities¬†. Wonderstruck also displays how all things can relate to one another, so for this purpose, Ceron uses numerous fantasies to project how humans are unique in their own way. Words are a means of communication and has been for many years. Aside from type, visuals are another way to speak to viewers. Starting as far back as hieroglyphics, graphics posses a great power in grabbing attention. Together both type and visual embody a powerful strategy for communicating fantasies onto¬†book pages. Through three works of art,¬†Ceron demonstrates the overlaps of fantasy and reality.

In the two page spread, The lightness of dark, Ceron articulates a story about believing in fairies. Using marker to block out areas, Ceron left words that worked coherently and spoke of a fantasy. With remaining space, he incorporated visuals of fairies. A cut out was applied to expose words from pages beneath and to create depth. The power of placment helps direct the viewer around the image. Fantasy tranlated visually with the help of color, placement, and focus.

For Treasure Island, fantasy was displayed through a fictional world. In Ceron’s artwork, a young girl opens a bush to witness a candy utopia. Emphasizing variety, a broad range color scheme was chosen. To focus attention, a one point perspective was used. His piece juxtaposes the idea of realism because such a place could never exist.

For the last work of art, Glowing curious, the design tactic of simpicity was kept consistent throughout. Using a page of all words, Ceron articulated a poem revolving around super powers. Simplicity was kept by using a minimalistic layout that featured a poem in the center and the visual on the bottom. Ceron used color pencil as his medium and stars to select words.

In all, Ceron takes on a dream like approach by talking about fantasies as if they were memories. But using visual and English language, Ceron personifies fantasy in to book pages. Contrast can be found in many forms whether it be color, size, shape, etc.. but sometimes two things that contrast can work together harmoniously. If there are two elements that work against each other, there is always a way to find common ground.

Didactic Panel

12308398_1495736224063171_9189550163241015207_nTsang, Ka Yee (TK)
Born in Hong Kong
Lives and studies in New York
“Flower”, 2015
Sharpie on paper, Inking brush pens

In this work, TK wanna create a simple idea that represents the Flower pattern. Set up the pattern like the painting book called ” Secret Garden”. Using the black and white composition, and lay out the curvy figure, randomized draw though the page. Also, the author’s using a legato pattern to create the flower pattern.

12346359_1495736444063149_7380081770727574868_nTsang, Ka Yee (TK)
Born in Hong Kong
Lives and studies in New York
” Shackles”, 2015
Color markers, color pencils

Shackles was intended by the author to represent the idea of imagination. The author used the markers drew the sun in the middle, used the chain to connect the sun. Nothing can be closest to the Sun, whatever they are.


Tsang, Ka Yee (TK)12341209_1495736250729835_8995960213660294801_n
Born in Hong Kong
Lives and studies in New York
“Don’t You Love Me?”, 2015
Sharpie on paper, Inking brush pens, paste some page

Drawing this page, the concept is selected text to go though the main idea of this page. The author’s using the text, “Don’t you love me?” “No one love me” that represents the feeling from the page, then drew the broken heart on the bottom to mention the idea.


pre·req·ui·site noun, adj.
pronounced: (prńďňąrekw…ôz…ôt/)
Something that’s necessary and required prior for something else to occur.
I first heard of this word when I had attend the registration workshop. I also learned about it there. But last week during English class, the term had also came up when Prof. Rosen quickly mentioned classes and registration. Some classes are needed before others is what this means in college terms.

project 3: pitch (first draft)

The average person often finds theirselves living in a routine. Whether it’s school, work, family etc, humans all have liabilities. Having very little leisurely time can seem to become a burden on many. But in a time of need, Right Route offers the foundation for a vibrant happy day. Using information on your current mood, Right Route incorporates time, visuals and distance to create an overall goal which is happiness and relief from daily troubles.

Today’s focus is on students. Students on a daily are significantly focused on taking the fastest route. Due to choosing the fastest route, environmental factors become muted out but with an extra ten to fifteen minutes the experience can become breath taking. A student who everyday walks from Jay Street Metro Tech train station to City Tech is only geting a block’s worth of what this world has to offer. That is when Right Route will suggest a peaceful naturalistic walk from Carroll Street to City Tech.

Project #3 the pitch

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. If you take time to really look at simple things you will come to realize that they really are beautiful. The surrounding beautiful, natural scenery spreads out before our eyes. It makes our spirits are cheered up and refreshed. True happiness comes from nature, the peaceful and beautiful environment is indeed enjoyable. Take some time out of the working day to enjoy by walking through into the environment.

This route begins at the General Building, when you exit to the Johnson st and turn right side to the Cadman Plz E. Walk through the Tillary St, the Brooklyn War Memorial will appear in front of you. There have the memorial,that designed by the architectural firm of Eggers and Higgins. Building adorned by two large figures, one at either end of front facade. That depict a male warrior on the left and a female with a child to the right ‚Äď symbols of victory and family. The other one of my location is Hillside Park, is one of the dog parks in New York City. This park can be the one of the green lungs of an urban area. A walk in the park can calm our strained nerves, which is very quaint, very clean, and quite beautiful.

The other beauty in nature place is Brooklyn Bridge, is a park on the Brooklyn side of the East River in New York City. It’s a recreational, environmental and cultural destination enjoyed by visitors to New York City. There have a perfect view of the Manhattan, when you gaze afar into the Manhattan, the skyline at night from the those Building at Brooklyn Bridge Park. The panoramic view are marvelous. Also, the park have an alley when you walk through the alley, the surrounding view make you feel more comfortable and enjoyable into the nature environment. Looking at beauty in the alley, make me remind to the life is not always perfect. Like the alley, it has many bends, ups and down, but that’s its beauty and silent.

Keep walking to the end of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, you will see the boat ramp on the right side, have the other perfect view of the Manhattan. Then you can completely see the Pier 2 at Brooklyn Bridge Park in front of your face. It is dedicated to active recreation, contains over five acres of basketball, and over half an acre of artificial play turf, fitness equipment, and picnic tables available for walk-up use. A wide promenade wraps around the pier. It is one of the park have perfect promenade view includes the physical exercise fitness equipment and places. This is the different location of other places, is cross-over with physical exercise and beauty-in-nature. There is able to enjoy quietness and provide the area for visitors strengthen muscles & keep fit. It is kill two birds with one stone.

Where the beauty of nature and the freedom to breathe fresh air is all part of what is worth living for. Making the first change of your routine, you will really gains a different experience of your day, while it is the simple easy step. Every step can bring a lot of unpredictable things happen, but never ever stop to find the beauty in nature. Tale a moment to enjoy the beauty of nature, take a deep breath, relax…enjoy the rest of your day.

Project #3: (Annotated Bibliography)

Link 1

This website connects to this project because it shows us the all the parks of Brooklyn in New York city. As soon as you click the link it will take you to a page. The page also has the list of the parks of other boroughs of New York City if you’re feeling too adventurous. And if you click on the park that you’re interested in visiting it will give you a little description of the park. If you are curious to know how the park looks it has some photographs of the park on the right side of the description. And below the description you will find the facilities the park has to offer.

Link 2

If you are into walking then this is the place you should always keep your eyes on. This website has a list of all the upcoming walkathon and racing events that takes place in New York city. Most of the walkathons and racing events takes place with the ultimate goal of raising funds or awareness in order to solve social conflict we all face some way or another.

Link 3

This is a guide to the places you should go to anbd things you should do if you are into trying out new things and taking risks. This activities includes things from bicycle racing, surfing, skateboarding to digging  few decade years records of New York City.

Link 4

This article provides a list of places where you can go to find a little peace in  borough of Manhattan New York City. Places that are quiet and peaceful is very hard to find when you live in a city full of eight million people. Garden at the Church of St. Luke in the Fields, United Nations Meditation Room, Teardrop Park, Passageway under 1251 Avenue of the Americas and Conservatory Garden nade the list in this website.

Link 5

This website provides you with the list of places not only good to take a walk, also good to connect with the nature. It also shows you place that are not public and requires a little amount of money to visit. This list includes mostly parks in New York City and since I went to every single places in this list I believe that this list is very accurate. It includes places that are very peaceful and quiet. That gives you the chance to reconnect with the nature and feel more alive that you have felt.