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12308398_1495736224063171_9189550163241015207_nTsang, Ka Yee (TK)
Born in Hong Kong
Lives and studies in New York
“Flower”, 2015
Sharpie on paper, Inking brush pens

In this work, TK wanna create a simple idea that represents the Flower pattern. Set up the pattern like the painting book called ” Secret Garden”. Using the black and white composition, and lay out the curvy figure, randomized draw though the page. Also, the author’s using a legato pattern to create the flower pattern.

12346359_1495736444063149_7380081770727574868_nTsang, Ka Yee (TK)
Born in Hong Kong
Lives and studies in New York
” Shackles”, 2015
Color markers, color pencils

Shackles was intended by the author to represent the idea of imagination. The author used the markers drew the sun in the middle, used the chain to connect the sun. Nothing can be closest to the Sun, whatever they are.


Tsang, Ka Yee (TK)12341209_1495736250729835_8995960213660294801_n
Born in Hong Kong
Lives and studies in New York
“Don’t You Love Me?”, 2015
Sharpie on paper, Inking brush pens, paste some page

Drawing this page, the concept is selected text to go though the main idea of this page. The author’s using the text, “Don’t you love me?” “No one love me” that represents the feeling from the page, then drew the broken heart on the bottom to mention the idea.

1 thought on “Didactic Panel”

  1. Your didactic panels are all shorter than the exactly 60-word requirement, so as you revise to get to 60 words, you’ll have the space to add more description and to revise the language in each. Here are some suggestions to make that happen:
    * We decided as a class to refer to the artist by last name, rather than first name.
    * You have many sentence fragments–that makes the panels seem like notes rather than a paragraph. Complete the sentences to make your ideas more complete.
    * although you don’t have to define legato, it should be clearer how this work represents the concept.
    * What is the Secret Garden painting book?
    * In the second panel, what do you mean when you write “Nothing can be closest to the Sun, whatever they are”?
    * In the third panel, be sure to quote the text exactly. Also, you mention the author, but if you’re referring to yourself here, I’d recommend calling yourself the artist.
    * Be sure to convey confidence about your work. Rather than saying that you wanted to (not wanna) create, or that you intended to represent, claim it! Say that the artist creates, or that the artist represents.
    * After you get the ideas ready, proofread again as you work on getting to exactly 60 words in each panel.

    If you have any questions, reply to this comment.

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