project 3: pitch (first draft)

The average person often finds theirselves living in a routine. Whether it’s school, work, family etc, humans all have liabilities. Having very little leisurely time can seem to become a burden on many. But in a time of need, Right Route offers the foundation for a vibrant happy day. Using information on your current mood, Right Route incorporates time, visuals and distance to create an overall goal which is happiness and relief from daily troubles.

Today’s focus is on students. Students on a daily are significantly focused on taking the fastest route. Due to choosing the fastest route, environmental factors become muted out but with an extra ten to fifteen minutes the experience can become breath taking. A student who everyday walks from Jay Street Metro Tech train station to City Tech is only geting a block’s worth of what this world has to offer. That is when Right Route will suggest a peaceful naturalistic walk from Carroll Street to City Tech.

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