Didactic Panel draft

Xingfu, Ye

Born 1997 in Zhejiang, China
Lives and studies in New York

From reading the page of a book, and thinking differently. Making the page to a differently story than the original book. Xingfu recreate the pages in the image of Line and Rhythm by using Pigma Micron 05 and PITT artist Big brush. The first image is representing a great position, where he drew Lines and solid bridges to support the center. The idea was come from the text, where he found the words “great position”. The second image is representing Live and Death, he drew circles and line tap which half was filled in with black ink and leave the other half blank. The idea was also came from the text where he saw the words “dead”, “live” and “spirit”. Xingfu said this is trying to express that live and death is just between one line, the line tap was draw twist to show Rhythm. Circles are represent the spirit.

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