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Beauty; it can make a place more interesting and appealing to a person. that is why I chose my five locations. These locations have beauty, they grab the viewers attention. It all depends on how you approach beauty of course. Depending on the date and time  it can make a difference, I prefer that its best to visit these locations at the end of October or  beginning of November, and the time would be best at 2:30-5:30. This is a preferred date and time because the tree leaves set the best mood and make the streets look beautiful. Not only do the trees make the streets beautiful but also the structure of the buildings.  These locations are a good way to enjoy the time with friends, family, etc.

In order to experience these locations follow these directions. Set the starting point at New York City College of technology and make your way to 91 Tillary St, Brooklyn, NY, this would be the first location and you would see this

photo 1 (1)

Next head west on Tillary St toward Adams St and Turn right onto Cadman Plaza, making your way into W 250 Cadman Plaza W, this is the second location

photo 5

Next head north on Cadman Plaza W toward Clark and turn left onto Clark St, this location is the third location. At this location you should see a hotel building.

photo 2

Next head east on Clark St toward Hicks St, turn left onto Hicks St and then turn left onto Orange St. At this location you would see this. At the preferred date this location is filled with Autumn colors because of the leaves.

photo 4

After that head west on Orange St toward Willow St and turn right onto Columbia Heights, this is the last location. At this location you would see the image below.

photo 3

This final location has a great view of the city skyline and the bridge. At anytime time it looks beautiful, However the best time would be at night time when the lights are flashing with the night sky.


2 thoughts on “locations guide”

  1. I like how you approach the reader, what you experienced from the walk you done. In order to do this, it gives me want to have that walk you done. When I think about it, I may done my hw wrong. I took a different approach to introduce the walk I done. Feel free to check mine out! Nice work

  2. As you continue working, you’ll be able to describe the locations more and say what you find beautiful about them. For now, I wonder if you could identify what the locations are as you guide your readers from one to the next, especially since you indicate specific addresses. For example, are you asking users to look at an apartment building, a monument, a tree, etc.

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