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So, for my 5 locations for this project, i honestly tried to get the most diverse places i can find/think of. For example, i chose a Planet Fitness location and also a local church. Seeing as how these two locations mostly differ than they do compare. I will try and describe what/why these locations drew me in to choose them. And I also tried my best to stay within the ‘boundaries’ of the city tech area and or immediate area.

My first chosen location was the transit museum. I choose this museum because when it comes to museums, its a hit or miss with me, some can bore me out of my mind, and some can intrigue me to a point of searching relevant topics on the internet. And i recently went to the tenement museum around the city. What draws me to this location as a happy place is how it connects us to the past in an interactive and fun way.

My second location is St Joseph High School. As i am kind of surprised to see a high school around the area, i like to see this kind of educational diversity in the area. I honestly thought that the area was more of a ‘campus site’ than a neighborhood. But what somewhat adds to my surprise is that i usually don’t see ‘high school looking’ kids around when I’m transiting to classes or home.  I guess i can call this a happy place since its another school here in New York to educate the future.

My third location is Planet Fitness. I chose this place cause it caught my eye since i work out as well. Seeing a close by gym can maybe open up some doors later in the future for me if i want to join them. But another reason can be that this place continues to tell me that the city tech area is more of a residential area than just a strictly business side of Brooklyn. I can easily call this a happy place since it promotes good change in peoples lives.

My fourth location is Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare. I chose this place because i sort of got really hungry when seeing the place on Google Maps. I pictured sirloin steak with some other tasty dishes, and also how classy this place might be. I plan on visiting this restaurant one day due to what I’ve read on the reviews on it. And its pretty close by to city tech so I’ll stop by with a friend some time to grab a bite. I place this location as a happy place as well since, well, food is good.

My fifth and last location i chose is St. Boniface Church. i chose this location due to how it brings culture and religion to such a business and commercial area. As i said earlier, i stated how places such as this and planet fitness shines a light on how diverse the area is. I can guess that many religious families attend this church daily and or on Sundays, since it’s interior and exterior are so extravagant and is a nod to how good architecture is done. Lastly, this place is also a happy place since it represents a place of cleanliness and prosperity.

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  1. The first paragraph is not that necessary, read examples from other students to see what you can add with the little intro. I think you should avoid using the word “try” because it gives off the reader, you didn’t read the instruction that the professor said in her post. (You can use them, but not too many) Also, it is students reading this post, however it sounds like you are talking more in a friendly tone with a close friend. Remember that students you are not friends with, professor, and outside people can read this to understand what you are doing in college. So avoid the tone that you are using. (If you don’t understand what the tone means, try reading it out-loud) But above all, nice work!

  2. It seems like there’s a struggle coming in terms with a theme for this project. I see you either want to go for diverse or happy. If you’re going to do both themes you have to make it sound more clearer because it’s kind of confusing. The locations are suppose to be places that you could pleasing on a stroll and not places that you would go in to stay in there for long period of time. Also there are way too many lower case i’s when they are suppose to be upper case. You are using apostrophes for your quotes instead of quotation marks.

  3. Your classmates have given you some helpful feedback. I know that you wrote this before having the full set of instructions for Project #3. Now that you know what Project #3 entails, what theme do you want to pursue? Which of these locations should remain as part of your route?

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