Project #3 (Locations)

The five places I chose are commodore barry park, Commodore Barry Pool, Golconda Playground, Oxport playground, and Trinity park. They are all located on the Nassau St and Flushing Ave, horizontally, near each other, and segment to each other by one or two streets shown on the map vertically. And that is the bound where I strolled in about 2 hours, including midway break. They are having the same logo design, a design of a circle and maple pattern inside of it. The season for now is autumn, when I think of autumn, the first thing comes to my mind is maple, so I attacked a lot by looking at their logo. And there are also many real maple trees in the parks, the colors are turn into red, orange, and yellow, its very pretty. So I decided to use these parks, and the involving playgrounds and swimming pool as my locations.

commodore barry park commodore-barry-pool golconda playground oxport playground trinity park

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