Project #3 (Locations)

Throughout my walk, I’ve come across a few locations that gave me some beautiful sights that made my journey worth it. Most of these areas are along side the Brooklyn Bridge area and every sighting was new for me. This made my walk even more thrilling because I was surprised on how new everything was since I’m use to seeing just buildings on most of my walks. Don’t get me wrong the architectural design of some buildings are lovely to look at but I wanted a bit more natural aspects in my walk. I especially love that the season is autumn because the trees I’ve seen had some various shades of color which made me felt more alive when seeing them. All the sights I saw gave me a mollified but still sensational atmosphere. The first picture is the Brooklyn Bridge and at the bottom of the bridge is path that you can walk through trees with colors such as green, red, and yellow. The second picture is around where Harry Chapin Playground is. It’s a path with benches to rest and be surrounded by trees while glancing at the lower side of Manhattan. The third picture is of house from the Clark street area. I liked how the buildings looked and the area was very quiet when I strolled through it . The fourth picture is a view of the tip of Manhattan. While I was walking I saw The Freedom Tower and I took my route in that direction. I’ve come across this sight of the city, the East River and a bright blue sky while being surrounded by trees. The fifth picture is a flowery patch that I come across while exiting Cadman Plaza Park. I enjoyed taking in the vibrant sights that I encountered and taking that long walk was beneficial.


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