1. lack of variety and interest; tedious repetition and routine:

    “you can become resigned to the monotony of captivity”

    synonyms: tediumtediousness路 lack of variety 路 dullnessboredom
    We got this word today in COMD 1100. I didn’t understand what this word meant let alone how to pronounce it. Now that I know what the exact meaning of the word is I understand how it goes with the lesson we were learning today.


adjective incredulous

unwilling to admit or accept what is offered as true

“It saw the bewilderment on your face as you stepped out of the stolen matinee, incredulous that there was still daylight after such a long movie.”


Project #2: Location (1st and 2nd post)

The location I chose is 116 Jay street. To get here, you exit left from the Namm Building and continue straight all the way, as if you were headed to the Vorhees building, until you hit the Manhattan Bridge. You will聽 then come to Prospect street, make a right then a left back onto Jay street. There you will see an underpass right under the Brooklyn- Queens expressway. There are two murals across from one another that both read “YES!”. This manifests the idea of overlapping New Yorks and juxtapositions because the murals show great contrast from one another. The mural on the left side has a black background with white text. The text is made from a single line similar to script writing. The mural on the right has waves of water as a background and an octopus’ tentacles form the word “YES!”.聽 The mural on the right also contains lots of colors, patterns and textures in relation to the left mural which is simple, black and white. Juxtaposition can also be seen when comparing architecture versus street art. At the location, the main sensory experiences I had were visual and auditory. Visually i got to see the murals and the location all around me. there were many cars parked on both sides and very little pass there. If you do see people it’s usually construction workers or photographers. There is more artwork as you walk along that area. Lot’s of beautiful artwork and inspiration all around. Galleries and all, if you haven’t gotten this way 聽towards jay street check it out. 馃檪

20150929_120148Marcus location

Project #2: Location

For Project 2 I have chosen to go Dr.Jays and Banana Republic. I already been to this location before and it’s within walking from CityTech. Exit the Namm building from the ground floor. You’ll pass by the Joseph J. and Violet J. Jacobs Building,Jay Metro station and Starbucks. Keep go straight on both Mytrle St and Willoughby St. Make a right turn on Jay St(Fulton Mall). You’ll pass by stores such as Gap, T-mobile, Modells Sporting Goods and Foot Locker. Keep going straight on Lawrence St. Stop at Dr.Jays and Banana Republic.


ENG 1101 Classwork: 鈥淰iew of the World from 9th Avenue鈥 by Saul Steinberg

鈥淰iew of the World from 9th Avenue鈥澛燽y Saul Steinberg:

On the Saul Steinberg Foundation Web site

On Wikipedia

To help us think about Steinberg鈥檚 illustration, we can consider how it is a map. Some questions we can consider:

What time period does this text reflect?

What geographical location does it depict?

What information is accurate, and what is inaccurate?

What do the inaccuracies mean?

What do you understand about the map from its title?

What is聽The New Yorker聽magazine and why was this an appropriate cover for one of its issues?

Project #2: Location

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For the project #2, I chose to go the Empire Fulton Ferry Park. Before I looked at the map to choose the place, I thought this was the best place for people to know it. To get to this location you exit out of the Namm building and turn left to the Jay street, then go through the Jay street to the York street and turn left. Keep going to the Washington street and turn right to the Plymouth street, before you walk into the Plymouth street. The important thing is around those street have a fascinating place for people take a rest and most attractive shop. When you walked into the Plymouth street, the Manhattan Bridge is on your right side (picture one). I keep walking to the聽left side, then will see the Jane’s Carousel and the Brooklyn Bridge in front of you (picture two). I whiled away the whole afternoon watching the beautiful view of Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. There is really perfect for people just sit and take some pictures, also keep you into the relax mood. By the way, the night view is pretty awesome, you have to wait for watch the night view. It’s worth to introduce there for everyone. Also, you can go through the Brooklyn Bridge to the Canal street if you want.


This is a little bit night view at the Brooklyn Bridge Park(Keep walking to the left hand side, across the Brooklyn Bridge.)


This is the bonus when I walk through the Brooklyn Bridge at the perfect time.