Project #2: Location

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For the project #2, I chose to go the Empire Fulton Ferry Park. Before I looked at the map to choose the place, I thought this was the best place for people to know it. To get to this location you exit out of the Namm building and turn left to the Jay street, then go through the Jay street to the York street and turn left. Keep going to the Washington street and turn right to the Plymouth street, before you walk into the Plymouth street. The important thing is around those street have a fascinating place for people take a rest and most attractive shop. When you walked into the Plymouth street, the Manhattan Bridge is on your right side (picture one). I keep walking to the left side, then will see the Jane’s Carousel and the Brooklyn Bridge in front of you (picture two). I whiled away the whole afternoon watching the beautiful view of Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. There is really perfect for people just sit and take some pictures, also keep you into the relax mood. By the way, the night view is pretty awesome, you have to wait for watch the night view. It’s worth to introduce there for everyone. Also, you can go through the Brooklyn Bridge to the Canal street if you want.


This is a little bit night view at the Brooklyn Bridge Park(Keep walking to the left hand side, across the Brooklyn Bridge.)


This is the bonus when I walk through the Brooklyn Bridge at the perfect time.


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