Project #2: Location

For Project 2 I have chosen to go Dr.Jays and Banana Republic. I already been to this location before and it’s within walking from CityTech. Exit the Namm building from the ground floor. You’ll pass by the Joseph J. and Violet J. Jacobs Building,Jay Metro station and Starbucks. Keep go straight on both Mytrle St and Willoughby St. Make a right turn on Jay St(Fulton Mall). You’ll pass by stores such as Gap, T-mobile, Modells Sporting Goods and Foot Locker. Keep going straight on Lawrence St. Stop at Dr.Jays and Banana Republic.


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  1. Brainstorm:
    -My location consists of 2 stores that are from 2 different social classes.
    -Dr.Jays is usually a store that is found in the Bronx.
    Banana Republic is a store that is usually found in Manhattan.
    -The Bronx is not a very metropolitan area and doesn’t have many stores with expensive prices.
    -In Manhattan, mostly everything is very expensive.
    -Not only in prices but there’s also a difference in the type of fashion.

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