ENG 1101 Project #1 (Process)

When it came to this project, I decided to step a small bit out of my comfort zone, and get slightly personal. I wanted this project to mean something, and to portray me as an individual as transparently as possible. I knew that I would include some details that not very many people know about me, in order to give the reader or anyone else a good impression of who I am and what I pursue.  After my first draft, I realized that a lot of what I had written didn’t make too much sense, or didn’t include enough details. I went back and made more clear sense of what I was trying to say, and fixed a few mistakes in grammar and/or run on sentences. However, I didn’t really cut anything from it. I didn’t think it was necessary to eliminate what I had already written, cause I felt I needed every detail I included. I also took my peer editors advice into much consideration, and decided to be more specific in some ideas and thoughts that seemed to vague or confusing. I also, again, fixed sentences and paragraphs that seemed to prolonged and/or run on. Over all, I spent a considerable amount of time in thinking of what is it that I was going to write, and what exactly was it that I wanted to express. What idea and overall thoughts could I write, that would give the reader the best overall impression of who I am as an individual.

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