Project #1–How did you get here?

  • How did you know what you wanted to include?

I knew, because anime is something that represents me. With out anime, I would most likely would be interested other than art. Also including my childhood of coming here from Japan to United States, and how my English developed over the course of years.

  • How did you refine what you included?

I asked my peers to revise what I would add and cross out unnecessary things. By reading over again to make sure I forgot to include, or something that is unnecessary.

  • How did you determine what to eliminate?

Things that are too personal, or something that is off topic. Also things that unrelated to my passion in anime or art.

  • How did you figure out the project’s organization?

I actually saw someone’s post at first and made me think about how I was going to construct my project. Beginning with introducing my self on how my childhood became who I am now.

  • What did your classmate’s feedback do for your work process?

My classmate’s feedback helped me a lot to revise, such as things that I need more explanation which most of people do not understand what anime is.

  • What did reading your classmate’s project and giving feedback do for your work process?

It made me wonder if I missed anything in my project while giving feed backs. Made me go back and check my project over and over.

  • How much time did you spend brainstorming? outlining? drafting? revising? Polishing?

Not much, I knew what I needed to include and not to include. Also, because of the help from my classmate’s feed backs, it made it much easier and smoother for me to work on.

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