Color Harmony: Phase 2


For the those two images, which is analogous palette and split complementary palette. It was the time to understand more about the color harmony. By picking three colors from the color wheel, and looking from the example, is easier to create the new one. Since I know the concept of the shades, tint, tone, gradient, gray scale, and compliments. It took 15 mins to complete at the class.

1 thought on “Color Harmony: Phase 2”

  1. Nice work, but did you pick a random color from the Paulette? You were suppose to followed the rules for analogous and split-compliment. If you see our color wheel or a class website, it says the rules for these relationship colors. (If you did than, that’s fine) I want you to fix one of the purples for the analogous, because the bottom three circle purples looks the same, at least change one of them to the darker purple.

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