Didactic Panel for the Poster

  • describe Tom Phillips’s project
  • guidelines for our project
    • in a used book, represent different projects and concepts
    • re-envisioning of the book’s theme
  • use inspiration from Tom Phillips to incorporate visual and written expression: a goal of our Learning Community
  • the complete project is slated to be on display in the library in the Spring 2016 semester

First sentences:

  • The Humument book by Tom Phillips was an inspiration for this project.
  • Tom Phillips’s Humuments refashioned books as platforms for visual art while making use of the book’s written contents in order to create something entirely different.
  • Sourcing inspiration from Tom Philllips’s A Humument, Learning Communities COMD 1100 and ENG 1101 teamed up in order to curate a project that includes both text and visuals.

Draft of text for the poster:

Sourcing inspiration from Tom Phillips’s altered text, A Humument, COMD 1100 and ENG 1101 teamed up in the Ways of Seeing: Adventure with Image and Text Learning Community to curate a project that integrates both words and visuals. Like Phillips, students found inexpensive used books to transform into new artistic creations both in appearance, using ink, paint, pencil, cut-outs, folding, and burn-out, and in theme. The resulting work merges image and text for each new project or concept in both courses.



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