Project #3 – The Route

Everyday when we’re off to our destination, we are always taking the same route either on the train, bus, or driving, hoping to get there on time. But when traveling, we never really take our time to pay attention or take in what’s around us. We’re use to seeing buildings around us and most of us don’t pay attention to the nature and it’s beauty. With the app of  “Walk n’ Nature”, you’ll be able to walk to your destination while also being able to see the nature around you.

One place that will be introduced in the walk will be Columbus Park on Court Street. Starting from the Namm building of City Tech on 300 Jay Street, go south on Jay Street and go towards Johnson Street/Tech Plaza. Turn right onto there, then turn left onto Adam Street/Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard. Turn right towards Adam Street/Brooklyn Bridge Boulevard and then turn another right onto Adam St/Brooklyn Bridge Blvd. Turn left onto Johnson Street, then turn left at Cadman Plaza E, then walk down a little more and you’re at Columbus Park. When you arrive there, you’ll also be able to sit and relax and take in the nature that surrounds you. You’ll see mostly trees and see that it makes a pathway. You’ll also see a fountain that is surrounded with plants. Not only that, but you might also be able to see a farmers’ market. This park gives you the sense of openness and space.

Exiting from Columbus Park, you can head down to Cadman Plaza Park which is only eight minutes away. When exiting, head east, then turn left on Cadman Plaza East. Turn left onto Tillary Street, then turn right, take a left turn, and then take another right. From where you are, the park should be on the right. When you are in Cadman Plaza Park, you are surrounded with nature. Depending on the season, you might get a different feeling of the park. If you go in the summer and spring time, you’ll see all the trees filled with green leaves and see the different type and colors of flowers that are bloomed. If you go in the fall and winter time, you’ll see that the leaves have changed color and it’s all falling. In some parts of the park, you might feel an eerie sense. From all the trees that are in the park, it’s like a small forest. The walkway in the park also makes it feel like a forest. There are benches in the park where you can relax. There is also a small grass area/field where you can play any outdoor activities. Since dogs are allowed in this park, you might see people with their dog. Another park that is kind of similar to this is Walt Whitman Park. Just head north on Cadman Plaza East, turn left, turn right, turn left, and turn left again. The park should be on the left. This park also has a path where you can walk through, benches where you can sit and this park has game tables.

The next location that will be introduced is Brooklyn Heights Promenade. From Cadman Plaza Park, head north and make a right turn towards Cadman Plaza E. Turn left towards Cadman Plaza E and make a left onto Cadman Plaza E. Turn left again onto Prospect Street, then turn right onto Old Fulton Street. Turn left to stay on Old Fulton Street and continue to stay onto Furman Street. Turn right and then just turn slightly left. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is a long platform and a pedestrian walkway. Here you would be able to see Lower Manhattan’s skyline from across. You’ll also be able to see the New York Harbor, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty from afar. You can sit and watch the view of the river and see some helicopters fly by. The feeling you get from this place is calm and peaceful. You’ll be able to walk on your own pace and see the views around you.

With “Walk n’ Nature” you’ll be able to go to your destination while also getting to be able to see and pass through nature. This app provides you with either choice of a short distance or long distance from your destination. This app will also tell you a little bit of information about the place.


8 thoughts on “Project #3 – The Route”

  1. Your theme was clear, being stated in the next to last paragraph.
    Your thesis was also clear because it was where it should be, in the last sentence of the paragraph.

  2. Your theme is the beauty in nature. I would say make a stronger thesis besides just stating that nature is involved in the walk. Maybe make a connection to how are beauty and nature are together.

  3. Your theme are nature and beauty.
    I don’t see your thesis statement either. I think you can add more concepts on this sentence: “But when traveling, we never really take our time to pay attention or take in what’s around us. ” and make it as your thesis statement.

  4. Your theme is a mixture of peacefulness and beauty, as found in nature surroundings. Your classmates read your work well to identify that the thesis statement isn’t strong enough: “With the app of “Walk n’ Nature”, you’ll be able to walk to your destination while also being able to see the nature around you.” Why should someone want to see nature? What’s the benefit?

    Your paragraphs do a great job of identifying the nature and the different things to see or feel. You might focus even more attention there as you revise to be more descriptive about the natural settings and their benefits.

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