“City Limits” Summary

“City Limits” is the opening chapter from the book The Colossus of New York by Colson Whitehead. The author started this chapter with these three bold and capitalized words “I’M HERE BECAUSE”  as soon as I read these words my attention was captivated into this chapter. I felt that this chapter was related to everyone living in New York or anywhere else, because it talked about how the streets we have always been living in, that we walked back and forth in, and maybe just visiting holds every memory that we had. In this chapter, it talked about “My Own City”; everyone see’s New York differently, in their own way so they have their “own city”. Overall, this chapter was about how this city is changing everyday without us realizing it. The store’s that we visit or walk by everyday and the people that are there too are going or disappearing with out us knowing  it.

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