City limits summery

“City limits” is the first chapter in “The Colossus Of New York” by Colson Whitehead. The reading talks about the New York City and the lives within. New York is different city than the other cities you’ve been to. This city can’t be described in words nor can’t be shown in a television show. You just have to be here to know what it truly is. The city is always changing. From the bodegas in the corners to the skyscrappers. But the people living in the city doesn’t quite see it because they’re changing with city at the same time. They’re part of that change. But when they stops for a second and turn around to look back they see the change that took place. Who they were, who they are now and who they alawys wanted to be. Just like the city. And when you realize how much you’ve change you become desperate to find the middle ground in between the phases.

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