Urban Artifacts: Phase 3

My final project consisted of 2 hours work time total. One hour for the ambiguous image and 1 hour for the stable one. Compared to phase 2, this phase of the project required much more detail and focus, in order to achieve a clean, final product. However, both take considerable time, and the illustrations especially, took more work time to complete. I tried to express as much a clear distinction between ambiguity and stable as possible, as seen in the final product.  I also made a slight change to the ambiguous image, where i added some extra detail to make the negative and positive space more balanced.


3 thoughts on “Urban Artifacts: Phase 3”

  1. I like your design! Especially with the metro card, it looks like the design is endless and really intriguing. The design looks simple but also deep in meaning. I also like the amount of ground and figure is evened out nicely.

  2. You definitely succeeded when adding more to your ambiguous image. With the extra detail in the corners I don’t know whether to focus on the negative or positive space. Your stable image looks like the figure was stamp on due to the location of being in the middle. The scale of the figure in the stable image draws my focus towards it which is successful when making a stable composition.

  3. I agree with Brandy and Ayano on your improvements to the ambiguous composition, as the addition of Metro card repetitions in the other corners gives a sense of ceaseless continuity, and could be interpreted in a variety of ways, like two stretches of lightning in a dark storm, or a kind of old-fashioned energy beam in a comic book. In a lot of cases for stable designs, it might be more interesting to put the figure off center, but I think in this situation it works out because of its sheer scale. Along with looking like a stamp, it could also be seen as a rather wide lamp, and so looking at both images in unison could suggest a scene like a blackout in one’s home because of a thunderstorm, lit up by lightning, if that interpretation of your ambiguous composition were to be followed.

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