saturation studies: Phase 4

This project has been my favorite so far. I enjoyed learning how to really percieve color. I gained alot from this project and my perspective on life has changed alot. I no longer see hues and shades. Now blue can be turquoise and turquoise can be prismatic, muted or chromatic. Being able to be as specific and narrow with colors is important especially in the visual communications field. For the paintings prismatic was easiest and I found chromatic to be hardest. The reason i say this is because prismatic colors are the purest meaning using color straight from a tube would be perfect. Chromatic colors on the other hand have a dark, muddy appearance with a slight touch of color. For example, there are browns that lean more on the orange side and anothers that lean toward a green undertone. Regaurdless, chromatic should be more challenging because colors are mixed unlike prismatic which are straight from a tube. For my three compositions, I selected pieces that felt related and balanced to one another. This project overall was very beneficial and the skill of seeing was learned.

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