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Left: Broad range collage Right: Narrow high-key collage
Left: Broad range collage
Right: Narrow high-key collage

The collages were a challenge for me but I managed to complete both broad and narrow range pieces. For my broad collage I decided to surely include cutouts of my shirt. Plaid, already being a design itself, often gives a spectrum of gray when in grey scale. The reason being is that plaid contains many hues, shades and tints holistically. For the focal point I used a cutout that was high in value to draw attention. In the narrow range collage, I decided to stick with high key because the focal point for this piece would be very low in value. The contrast between the low key focal point and high key design makes it easy in drawing in viewers. The background was kept simple but uses a shadow of my headset to create movement and flow. In all I wanted both pieces to be an inverse of one another. The collage on the left has a broad range with a high key focal point and the right collage contains a high key design with a low key focal point.  Overall time taken was about 2 hours 20 minutes.

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