Color Interaction Parings: Phase 2

Group 1 – Achromatic gray studies

group 1When I learned on this group, I thought this was easy to create studies, because it was gray color. I didn’t have to think a lot of the value or hue.

Took about 10 minutes.

Group 2 – Shifting value (with color)

group 2This group 2 was a little difficult than group 1 because of the value options. I had to try many times to make it perfectly.

Took about 15 minutes, because I had to double check the color.


Group 3 – Shifting hue, but not valuegroup3

Group 3 was easy to create. I learned how to using two color but had the same value, then saw a difference in the middle square, to create the misconception.

Took about 10 minutes


Group 4 – Shifting hue and value

group 4When I knew how to create the group 3, then group 4 will more easily. Just combine group 1-3 knowledge to create.

Took about 10 minutes.


Group 5 – Extra Credit

Extra CreditThis group was difficult because I had to make sure the color of the middle squares look the same one.

This took about 20 minutes

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