Didactic Panels

Panel 1

D5C247B1FFE3CD93430082973EB29DC1 Xingfu, Ye

From zhejiang, China

Great Position

Pigma Micron 05, and PITT artist Big brush.

To convey a great postion, Xingfu draw Lines and solid bridges to support the center where the words “Great position” are. He is trying to show that how a great position is like, a great position is where the surrounds are supporting the position to make it a great position.


Panel 2


Xingfu, Ye

From zhejiang, China

Death and life

Pigma Micron 05, and PITT artist Big brush.

To convey life and death in the image, Xingfu drew circles and line taps, half of which were filled in with black ink and the other half left blank. The idea was came from the text, the words “dead,” and “live”. He’s trying to express that live and death are so close.

Panel 3

9673EC80B025199F4F1231FB7AB9D72B Xingfu, Ye

From zhejiang, China

Twisted space

Pigma Micron 05, and PITT artist Big brush.

In Twisted space, Xingfu drew a snake like tape goes in circle like a sea shield. He is trying to express how a twisted space look like, a twisted space in his mind is like a space that has no end and it keep continue twisting.

1 thought on “Didactic Panels”

  1. These didactic panels merge the words and images you focus on (panels #1 and #2). As you revise to get to exactly 60 words each, you can work on the following aspects:
    * rather than saying what you tried to convey, be confident and say what the artwork conveys
    * include more explanation of the important concepts, but less repetition of them. In the first panel, you include “great position” five times plus the title, but I don’t have any sense of what you mean by that.
    * In your second piece, what about the images conveys that life and death are so close?
    * In the third piece, you repeat “twisted” many times, but what concept of design does your snake-like twist represent? Is it about pattern? repetition? focal point?
    * as you work on responding to these concerns, you will change the language in the panels. Be sure to proofread as you do.

    If you have any questions, reply to this comment.

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