Project #2: Process

In my essay i knew what i wanted to include because i went over the points needed to be added in my essay and i found a way to work it into my project the best way i knew how. i added more information and detail about the area and the two buildings/stores i chose. i eliminated most things that were not important to the subject matter and most repeating facts i eliminated from my essay. to organize my essay i just put the into first and directions to my place then everything else just fit into place. my classmates feedback help me add what i needed into my essay like what i was missing, like the senses i forgot to put in my draft so i added that into my final project, and also by reading my classmates essay helped me see how to organize the essay and gave me examples of different thesis statements. i honestly lost track of time while doing this project because i had a moment of writers block toward the end of the essay.

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