Project #1 (Revised)

My name is Jingyi (Jingyi Jiao). I was born in China, and came to the US when I was 13 years old. Before I came to live in here, I only know the easiest sentences for greeting, just like “hello” or “how are you”. So it was difficult and took me a long time to try to communicate with others. My English is still improving. Hopefully, I will become voluble and more fluent in English after I graduate college. I graduated from Midwood High School. During the time to make a final decision about which college to apply to, I was falling in deeply thinking about what I prefer to do in the future. I did some research on the college websites before to apply, and I noticed City Tech has a better art or design program, the distance is also not too far away from my home since I live in Brooklyn, so I chose to apply to the City Tech( New York City College of Technology). I love to draw manga, to read manga, and to watch anime began in childhood. Even many years later, the passion for it has never changed. I determined my future career must to be related to anime and design, such as animator, manga artist, or graphic designer, or the voice actress for anime. However, these were my occupation insights before this summer. I am now also interested in creating film as well. I developed this interest during this summer when I was volunteering at the creative department of a TV station names NTD ( New Tang Dynasty). As a staff volunteer, I went with an advertisement crew to make an advertising film. The director was stylish, voluble, and with a strong capability of directing. I was fascinated with that ability, and felt to be a director is a right occupation for her to express my creative and leadership ability. So now I add in a new future career in my consideration list which is the director. Apparently, this is the reason why I chose to enroll at City Tech, because they teach a lot about the computer program usage, including graphic design, film editing and animation courses.

My aesthetic is showing in my avatar completely. My avatar is a full shot of a Calico cat, tightly stuck his face on the camera lens. His features are big eyes, small mouse, and a huge puffy face. These features indicate one kind of genre as Japanese anime style. In my knowledge, in Japan they have two genres are called anime and manga. Manga can be multicolor or black and white, but without special circumstances or cover page they use to have black and white as figure only. Anime is opposite, it always has to be done by multicolor, the figure has to be colorful, sometimes with multiple movement such as animation of anime. They do have genres in America as well, but they call them as cartoon and comic, different calling and art style. Cartoon and comic are unfamiliar to me, I prefer Japanese genres more. Basically, my avatar’s genre is anime, its not varicolored manga because of manga with multicolor will never be this simple, manga are always coloring in complex ways.

My avatar can be considerate in a few different ways. Some people might misunderstand it as my avatar is just showing how comical, weird, and slothful the Calico cat is, but actually there are more tiny contents in this avatar you haven’t noticed. This avatar is  reflecting my inner. Calico cat stuck on the camera lens is not part of his playful, it can be defined as he pursues to get closer to the others, wants to make friends, and wants to encounter with more people. He desired to talk with more people, so he will not be alone. And this avatar is from a Japanese anime, so people watch cartoons might harder to understand the art style. Same as me, I don’t really get the cartoon style, different culture contains different genres of art, and try to explore these different genres are our designer’s job.

My complete profile will convey who I am. What am I good at and bad at, what I don’t like and do like, what my career goal is, and what my hobby is. I am trying my best to let my classmates and people to know more about myself. My overall life will  never live without anime and manga. I will be glad if I got a chance to go to Japan, so I could visit the place where Japanese anime produced and met with those amazing manga artists. I wish I could visit there in the near future.

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