Urban Artifacts Compositions: Discover

The object that I found was a newspaper, a Tropicana juice bottle and a knife wrapper. I decided to use the newspaper and the bottle. Since the newspaper has a lot of papers I took out two pages and turned them into two different shaped objects. The first objects is a geometric shape. It’s a circle. I crumbled up a paper into a ball. The second in the frame is a bottle which is also a geometric shape. The last object is a paper airplane made out of a sheet of the newspaper.

The relationship between these objects can be very simple and very complicated at the same time. The paper objects and the bottles are both geometric shapes but the root of their origin varies. Paper comes from tree but the bottle was made out of plastic. The newspaper and the bottle was found right next to each other. They were on the street next to a building that was under construction. Some construction workers might have left both the newspaper and the bottle there. He had the juice with his breakfast while reading the newspaper.


Stable IMG_3042 IMG_3041 IMG_3040 IMG_3036 IMG_3033



Ambiguous IMG_3044 IMG_3039 IMG_3038 IMG_3037 IMG_3034


3 thoughts on “Urban Artifacts Compositions: Discover”

  1. I like how in third ambiguous sketch the bottle is at an angle which gives it a look of something else. When I first glanced at that photo the bottle looks like a rolled up scroll which I find it to be a cool transformation. Overall these sketches are very eye-catching with the smooth curves intertwining with the sharp edges.

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