Urban Artifacts: Phase 1 Discover

My Discovery

               The three artifacts I discovered are two maple leafs and a stone. The first artifact is green maple leaf . It is a small and still green. It is more organic but also can be geometric. I found this leaf on the street around the Flatbush avenue.

The second artifact I found is other one maple lead. It has the different color of my first lead. The leaf is organic but also can be geometric. I found this leaf on the side walk. When I take the leaf, I imagine the autumn is coming soon.

The third artifact I found is a stone. The stone is organic since it was created by nature. I found this stone on the side walk also, I imagine it from road and was move between the car.

All these artifacts are some similar. The two leafs and s stone have different properties such as shapes. They are all found on the street, created and came from the nature.


Each one  approximately 10 minutes each/ an hour overall.






1 thought on “Urban Artifacts: Phase 1 Discover”

  1. I like that there is one large object and two smaller ones. There’s a lot of room for experimenting with using your big maple leaf as part of the ground in a reversal composition like your first and second stable sketches. I think it would be interesting to try this with ambiguous sketches and see what you come up with in terms of negative space shapes. You could also try to overlap your objects in both stable and ambiguous sketches, because I think there’s a lot of potential if you experiment with that too.

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