Discovery: Avatars

Avatar: Barralesleo

What I observe:

  • A deer
  • Deer made with colors in shape
  • White background


  • He probably likes deer a lot
  • If this is his art, he probably like to make art in color shapes
  • White background maybe means he like show himself to people, very honest, nothing to hide.


I choose this avatar is because it attracts my sight when i see through the member list, In this avatar, i saw a deer create with colors in shape, and in front of a blank, white background. The deer shows that he probably likes deer. The deer was create in color shapes, I think if this is his creation, he probably likes to create art like this. And the blank, white background shows that he like to show himself to people, very honest, and nothing to hide.

I can’t really tell that all of my interpretations are correct after I read Barralesleo’s profile. However he does like art.

Avatar of Barralesleo
Avatar of Barralesleo


1 thought on “Discovery: Avatars”

  1. Taking the interpretation portion a bit further, what would it mean that someone likes deer? Whom would you expect to like deer? What would that tell you about the person? Also, how do you know the member likes art? What indicates that in the image? It’s most effective to do this assignment by choosing an avatar of someone you don’t know so your ideas aren’t clouded by knowing them in real life–that way, you can accurately answer the questions based solely on the materials provided on the OpenLab.

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