Color Harmony: Phase 2

From our lesson, I learned the color harmony. There is different kinds of harmony such as use of gray scale, shades, tint, tone, compliments, and gradient. There is color relationships that I learned also, Analogous, Near-Compliments, and Split-Compliments. For our phase 2 of the project #6, I downloaded a template that my professor provided for us to understand and take practice in using tone, two-color, and shades. By picking three colors from the color wheel and using the Analogous and Split-Compliments. This part of the project was pretty easy and understandable, since we learned so much about color, and the way that how each relationships of the color works from our learning today. It took me the whole class to complete phase 2, so about three hours.

1 thought on “Color Harmony: Phase 2”

  1. I like the colors you picked, it seems pretty unique to me. And i see that for the shade part, you show it as pure color slowly saturated instead of put black and the pure color at the end of both side, I have seem people do that, it was a nice try, I like it.

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