2 thoughts on “Sound Visualization (Phase #2)”

  1. Now from looking at your work I’m definitely interested in seeing what song comes from it. I can tell mostly I’m going to get an cool,edgy beat out of this. When you go staccato you really go staccato. What I really like from this sketch is how you blend the elements of legato and staccato together. The swirls that is mostly associated with legato are made out of sharp edges which gives that feeling of staccato. Even in your wavy lines it’s filled with straight lines which gives off both elements.

  2. I really like your design! I love how you placed the heart shape at the middle and all the loops at the corner of the drawings. It looks like I am seeing some kind of x-ray of a person that each bones indicates the design that you made. I am also impressed that you knew where to shade in or not of the figure and ground composition.

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