Urban Artifacts Phase #3


The stable figure took around 40 minutes, the ambiguous took around 1 hour.

In the previous phases, we picked up three objects from the street. We arrange them on a piece of white paper. Then we sketched 6 obvious and 6 ambiguous figure-ground compositions. After, we chose 4 of them and inked them. Finally in this phase, we chose 2 most successful inked compositions to make a cut paper composition. We did it step by step. I think that’s how this phase of the project relates to the previous phases.


2 thoughts on “Urban Artifacts Phase #3”

  1. I like the design on the right, because it looks like bunch of shapes are popping out of no where. It is also similar to Jingyi’s design where one of her design is parallel looking. Also, the design on the left looks like a Japanese fan, but also I can imagine its some kind of round shaped object.

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