Color Interaction Parings: Phase 4

Color Interaction Parings
Color Interaction Parings (Right: Romie/Left: Ayano)

For this project, I had to use my knowledge of color interaction, where the color are the same but the background color tricks our eyes to see differently. Also, because of how one is more d saturated, and other are much more muted color. Making the logo stand pop out or sinks it in. The hardest thing to do for this project was where we have to come up with a logo. We had trouble at first, however we decided on using abstract piece. (Explained in Phase 3) Took me about four hours and forty minutes in total, with sketching and everything.

2 thoughts on “Color Interaction Parings: Phase 4”

  1. I like how abstract the logos are. I did notice a lot of people using representational imagery, which is fine but this I believed required thinking more outside the box. I also like the color palette you have going on here.

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