Project #2 Process

The place that I chose is not 15-20 minutes away from City Tech. When we started talking about different New Yorks and the juxtaposition between one part of New York to another I started to think about Kings Plaza, which is in the Flatlands area of Brooklyn on Flatbush Avenue, and how it compares to Strike 10 Lanes, which, as you can probably tell from the name, is a bowling alley in the same area of Brooklyn on Strickland Avenue. As you walk away from Kings Plaza, going down Avenue U, you pass by a Lowe’s, Home Depot, and a Walgreen’s. As you pass by these places, it’s still pretty populated because the area around Kings Plaza is commercial, but when you walk further away it becomes more residential and sort of like a ghost town. On the way to the bowling alley, from Kings Plaza, you’ll see what used to be a marina that’s been abandoned for what looks like a long time. There are destroyed boats and garbage in the water. There is also no one around, even in the afternoon. You see more houses and some local stores, but other than that there’s either no one or only a few people.

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