Project #2 Location

I have been going to Kings Plaza for as long as I can remember. Whenever I would go, I would always feel a rush of excitement to go to my favorites stores and look at the clothes and shoes to see what I could find, but a lot has changed. When I was a lot younger, Kings Plaza had a movie theater and my mom would usually take my sister to the first showing of whatever movie we wanted to see and we would have the best time. I was not and still am not sure how much money the movie theater made or if rent for them went up, but the theater eventually closed and was replaced by a Best Buy. Kings Plaza is also right next to the water so you’ll see seagulls, smell the hotdog stand and hear the noises of traffic. It does get a bit breezy, since it is right next to the water, but all in all its very nice.

Outside Kings Plaza:


I have only been to Strike 10 Lanes once and in that area twice. Although I was with my mother and sister, I still felt lonely. Walking there from Kings Plaza is like culture shock because in and around Kings Plaza, it’s busy. There’s people around and a lot of cars passing by and it’s a totally different scene. The walk over to Strike 10 Lanes, does feel quite lonely, but at the same time I felt a presence of either someone or something. When you walk in, the first thing you see is the front desk, which usually has 1 to 2 people at it. The bowling alley also has an arcade so even though the space is not that big, the owners really took advantage of it. Strike 10 Lanes is kind of like a diamond in the rough. You don’t expect much from the area or from the outside, but when you go inside your mind gets blown.




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